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Petroleum-based products


I am curious to find out if anyone has some information on the possible connection between petroleum-based skin products and skin problems or disorders (such as acne). Petroleum-based products, such as petroleum jelly (petrolatum), mineral oil, and propylene glycol -- are really harsh materials derived from crude oil. I, for one, break out in a rash if these products touch my skin -- but they are used profusely in common skin care products.

I'm currently researching products that are organically derived that function as well as, or better than, the products that most people swear by to look after dry or sensitive skin. I'm finding that the natural or organic products are no more expensive than their petroleum-based counterparts. I think I'd like to leave the petroleum products to fuel my car and lubricate the engine and mechanical parts, not put that nasty stuff on my skin.

Any thoughts? It's tough to avoid petroleum-based products. If you read the ingredient list on almost any product in your bathroom (probably your bathroom cleaning prodcuts as well), you'll find dozens of these chemicals listed there. Be careful about what you put on your dry, sensitive skin -- or any skin, for that matter! Even if the petroleum-based product that you swear by works wonders, I promise that there's a natural product out there that will work better and isn't potentially toxic.

I am guilty of using products with sketchy ingredients in them, but I always pay the price. Be aware of the 'other' names for petroleum-based products -- they're hidden in almost everything. If you're interested in the names of petroleum-derived cosmetic ingredients, just search the internet. There's quite a bit of literature on this topic there.

Sorry for the rant :naughty:

Just a thought for discussion. Petroleum products worry me :shock:

Take care,


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