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20mg a day of Accutane Board

Im a 26 year old male that weights 165 pounds.

Well Im starting 20mg a day on October 5,2006. I will prolly take 20m a day for three to six months. I am a little scared but nothing else has worked for me.

I did take minocycline for ten months and it did nothing. I've tried Retin-A and over the counter Benzoil Peroxides which worked for while and it would just come back.

When I was in highschool I had cystic acne which has subsided over the years. Now I just have stubburn black heads and white heads around my my chin, forehead, temples and bach that just wont go away. Like I said ive tried Benzoil Peroxide on these areas and it works but they just pop up again.

My conclusion is that I need something to attack my oily skin and the sebum and sabaciaous glands that are causeing this. Accutane is suppose to do this right?

Hopefully I may get some get responces from people who have had success on only 40mg of Accutane or less. Im hoping to hear from people who have just started 40mg or less also.

To the people with improvments from 40mg of Accutane a day or less, let us know about how you did it and what else you did along with the Accutane.

Thank You All........Your In My Prayers.....Acne Can Drive Up The Wall

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