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DermaroIIer on pores

My derm has toId me that the dermaroIIer is proving successfuI for minimizing pores.

Has anyone had success with this?

He aIso said there is quite a difference between dermaroIIers bought onIine and used at home to the ones used proffessionaIIy.

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There are about four types of dermaroller.

The one sold commercially main puspose is to help topicals absord better. It claims to have about a 400% absoption rate for topicals when you use the demaroller first. This costs about 50# on ebay. The next level of dermaroller has longer needles and is CID -collagen induction thearpy. It accomplishes the same thing as what people are talking about, generally, when the talk about needling. I've found no way to buy this online. I got to the stage or ordering one once but then got a notice saying they no longer carried it. There dosen't seem to be a way to buy it - it's dermaroller CIT8 as opposed to dermaroller 8

There is another brand you can buy. IT costs around 90$ on ebay. Do a search on skin roller and you'll see 6-8 for sale. I have been unable to find any information on the needle length and therefore the results of these rollers.


I just ordered the dermroller8 so I have no results to post as yet.

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