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question about dan's regimen..?

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I don't know how long dan's regimen has been out or if it was before Proactive came out, but it sounds to me like the two are quite similar? Does that mean that if Proactiv doesnt work then dans regimen wont? I hope not because i already bought the supplies to dan's regimen before i thought about the proactive link?

Any help would be great, thanks...

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Dan's regimen can work even if Proactive didn't according to many of the posts I've been reading. I can't remember what the % of bp is in Proactive but Dan says that the 2.5% bp actually works better than higher %s.

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thats why im asking because proactiv is 2.5% also. However, the only difference i see is that the proactive could be more irritating. That is with the cleanser, it is really rough, and i don't even know what the toner does.

Hmm...anyone else?

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I have been using proactiv following Dan's regimen, and so far I am pleased. I've been using Proactiv (in conjunction with some prescription topicals) for over 2 years, and recently (within the last 6 months) it hasn't been working well. When I found out about Dan's regimen, I started using more of the Proactiv's BP on my face. It's been 3 weeks and except for the peeling skin I am pleased. I have only had 1 monsterous zit on my face (in the 1st week of the regimen) but since then the only things I have had are a few whiteheads (which is new to me because I usually only got those big painful zits). And this is even with my oing through "time of the month" which any girl can agree tends to make skin a nightmare.

I like using Proactiv's BP because it is a bigger bottle so it has been lasting a long time, even using the large amounts of BP for the regimen. And I use the cleanser (only in the morning, and only for 1 minute instead of 2) and just regular antibacterial soap in the evening. And I don't use the toner, or the facial mask or anything else.

I would say give it a try. CHances are when you used Proactiv you weren't using as much BP as you will on Dan's regimen.

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