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How important is an spf?

Well Im on the regimen and having great success. I notice that alot of products/websites suggest using a sunscreen daily to help protect from the sun, and I was wondering why dan's regimen doesn't require any type of spf. How important is an spf? Does everyone need it? I would much rather use my aha lotion day and night then bother witth having to apply to different moisturizers. I like lac hydrin five, cetaphil and my generic walgreens moisturizer but Iv been using olay because of it's spf. Can anyone help?

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Most acne medications make the skin more susceptible to burn. So using a sunscreen is definitely something you need to consider. Most of the moisturizers we recommend do have spf in them, and the one's that don't I always try to point that out so people will know they need to either add a sunscreen for daytime use, or make sure they avoid the sun.

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it is very important to use a moisturizer with spf of 15 or higher. If you have a lighter skintone, you are going to need a high SPF. I have a medium skin tone and I use SPF 55. WHY?

Sunlight has nutliple efftects on the skin. In addition to promoting tanning , the sun can cause burns, premature aging of the skin, skin cancer (secondary to DNA damage), and immunosupression. All of these effects are caused by ultraviolet radiation (UV).

There are 2 different ranges of UV radiation and the effects of each difer.

UVA wavelengths of light penetrate deep and can cause immunosuppresion and damage to dna which can cause skin cancers

UVB wavelengths cause sunburn and photoaging of the skin (wrinkling, thickening, yellowing etc.)

Sunblocks impede penetration of solar radiation to skin cells and as a result can proctect the skin from sunburn, and photoaging.

In order for a sunsceen to effectively protect against cancer (i.e. block out UVA rays) it must contain the chemical avobenzone. Avobenzone is the only chemical that will block the full range of UVA light. Products that contain avobenzone may be superior for protection against cancer and immunosupression. These are : Shade UVAGaurd, PreSun Ultra, Age block daytime defense cream

SPF = sun protection factor. this is an index of protection against UVB rays. THere is currently no test for protection against UVA.

SPF 15= 93% block of UVB SPF 30 = 96.7% block of UVB

Hence, 30 does not offer twice as much protection as 15.

SPF values above 30 provide only a small additional benefit.

To ensure that you are protected against the full spectrum of UVA and UVB radation , ensure that your sunblock contains

1) Avobenzone


2) any of the following: dioxybenzone, oxybenzone, methyl anthranilate, sulisobenzone, cinoxate, octocrylene, octyl methoxycinnamate, octyl salicylate, trolamine salicylate, phenylbenzimidazole, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide

hope this helps

sorry just wanted to add. The sunblock i use is called "Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch Sunblock - spf 55" OIL FREE

Medicinal ingredients

homosalate 10%

oxybenzone 6%

octyl salicylate 5%

avobenzone 3%

octorcrylene 2.8%

As you can see, it has avobenzone = full range of UVA protection

It also contains oxybenzone 6%, octyl salicylate 5%, octorcrylene 2.8% = all 3 of these offer a full range of UVB protection and some UVA protection as well.

It contains 10% homosalate= which is better than nothing, but crap in comparison to the other ingredients since it doesnt even cover the full range of UVB radiation.

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Using a moisturizer is very important for everyone, but is expecially important for people on CSR and other skincare regimens. BP makes the skin very sensitive to sunlight's harmful properties.

One of the UV rays effects if you are on BP is that it will make your redmarks harder to fade. You will notice red marks fade much faster if you protect your skin from the sun.

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What about adding an SPF in your foundation instead. Would that be ok.


For women (or men) who wear foundation makeup, I think this is okay. My current moisturizer does not have spf, but my foundation does have spf 15 in it, so I don't add anything additional, especially now that it is Fall and I don't spend lots of time outside in the pool anymore.

Just be sure your makeup is oil-free and non-comedogenic and light. Those heavy foundations sometimes aggravate acne.

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