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My 3 day experience with CSR!!

Ok so I got my BP a couple days ago. I was reading the boards and read moojamba's post on the "water dip", thought Id use it in my CSR... Ive been doing this for 3 days now and my acne looks pretty much gone, except for the marks left behind, which are fading away now. I don't have bad acne, Id say mild to moderate. Here is my routine.

1. I water dip my face in nice warm water, not too hot, for a minute.

2. I apply a little salicylic acid to my nose, only place I have black heads(really stubborn black heads too), I apply for like 30 seconds

3. I then appply my cleanser, I have Clearasil Daily Face Wash(I'd recommend something better, this is too powerful IMO) I apply just a little for like 10 seconds all over my face, except nose

4. I rinse everything off nicely and wait for 5-10 minutes

5. I apply the BP, Dan's BP is way way way better than anything Ive got out of a store, cheaper too. Ok so I apply this stuff just like in the videos, and all over my face.

6. Now I don't always put on moisturizer... If I do put some on its like a little bit, I have clearsil stuff, which does a good job but if you put too much on your face looks all shiny and stuff.

I do this morning and night, it has worked wonders these last few days! Also My blackheads are even going away! I don't know if its from the water dip or the BP that is helping my blackheads more though.

anyone else find Dan's BP to be not that drying, if at all? like when I put it on its greasy, until it absorbs... but somtimes It feels much more natural and normal to not put any moisturizer on afterwords, anyone else like this?

I wish I had a good camera and a before picture...

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