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US fast-food chains sued over carcinogenic chicken

Well to be fair, you'd get the same thing grilling your own meat on your own grill at home......I think all things in moderation is the key. I rarely eat fast food and even if there are carcinogens in these items, if you ate them once or twice a year, I think your body can deal with it.

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I have several friends who say that SAME thing when they find out that chips are unhealthy for us, soda pop causes cavities, daily consumption of meat raises cancer by 40% and Asparteme (chemicalized sugar) was never approved by the FDA for consumption because of the 92-health diseases it causes (President Reagan froze the FDA and legalized the chemical himself because he was best friend's with Asparatames's president, Donald Rumsfeld (Yup, same guy).

I know these things seem like EVERYTHING on your plate... especially if you live in the good old USA.

Do not forget that some of the largest and most greedy companies in the USA are:

Coca-Cola & Pepsi

Asparatame (sugar-free products are everywhere)

the Sugar Cane corporations (can you imagine how much money they make?)

The alcohol industry & chip industry of course

The meat industry & dairy industry (they controled the FDA up until 2004 :redface:

McDonalds and other fast food corps

Do not think for a moment that they are going to think about your health first because they have made their money at the expense of our health - cavities, cancer, children who eat only chips and never touch veggies. Has McDonald's EVER offered ONE full-beautiful lettuce leaf on your sandwhich? nope. They dont care if you need to eat greens... they just want the money.

Try a vegetarian diet for one month. This will introduce you to a new taste and new foods. Have fun during this month. There are hundreds of meat alternatives in the stores and soups and sandwhiches that you can make. You WILL BE SURPRISED how many places you can eat out on a vegetarian diet -- places you had never tried before -- and the quality of food is delicious. My boyfriend at ONLY meat 3 times a day -- and when he tried vegetarianism for one month, he could not believe how many things he'd missed out on.

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I'm glad Wendy's isn't on that list. Their chicken stuff is pretty good and cheap. They also made a switch to non-hydrogenated oil (trans fat) for their products. I think if you're ever craving fast food, Wendy's is probably the best place to go.

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There was a study that came out from Sweden maybe a year or two ago saying something like everything that is fried or baked develops a carcinogen....that mean potatoes, breads, anything you cook at high temperatures. There was press about it for a week or two and then it just went away....

So...we know people have been eating grilled and charred foods since the invention of cooking.

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Yes, I cant imagine eating all those chemicals in each kind of meat I eat when out -- so far there is arsenic in the chicken, carcinogens in the meat, viruses being sprayed on meats such as bolonge just to keep away other viruses, and so many sudies showing that it causes Osteoporsis.

Its funny, when I was eating meat/dairy, I had been feeling "old" and noticing my joints felt stiff and were always swollen. Doctors told me to take this medication and that medication, but since I've been on the meat/dairy free diet for 2 months, 90% of my health problems have disappeared.

I had noticed that within about 5 hours of eating meat, my hip bones would ACHE so much and my joints would feel SOOO sore. I was thinking, "Well here goes... My body is telling me I'm old..." But all of it stopped about 2 weeks into cutting out all meat and dairy.

My skin has started glowing and I'm very happy with the results :) I certainly wont go back to the way I was eating before :)

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