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Why is acne so hard to talk about when it is so common?HELP!

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I am currently conducting an investigation into the reasons why acne is still such a rarely talked about topic, despite it being a huge factor in many teenage lives. I have had to endure the effects of acne myself and was lucky enough to get treatment, a drug called roaccutane? This proved very effective and i know has a high success rate, yet is regularly slammed in the media. Is this due to the government losing money as a result of people obtaining the treatment through the NHS??? I am aware it is very expensive.

I am writing an article on how acne relates to depression, with the intention of making people aware of todays treatments. Any sufferers out there i would love to know your opinions on current media advertising, e.g oxy and clearisel, and any experiences you want to share, please keep yourselves anonymous. Much appreciated, thanks alot Rick

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Acne is so hard to talk about because everyone has varying degrees of it. Most people have/had acne. So when someone has really bad acne people think "oh i used a bit of clearisil and it's all gone what's he doing wrong the dirty greasy bastard" People with clear skin you'll be suprisied talk alot about people with bad acne. If you have acne people will be less likely to say something about it if they feel that they also have acne. If it's brought up usually people are thinking about the zit they had a while ago. people don't want to think about their zits because zits suck ass (major dripping wet rectum ass) and if someone brought up the fact that you had them you'd be really upset. so don't ask don't tell

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It's hard to talk about because only those with it can relate to each other about it. Other people think you have bad hygiene and say things about it to your face. My 24 yr old daughter was breaking out for the time in her life and people started asking her what was wrong with her face. This type of stuff gives one low self esteem so that they don't want to talk about it to anyone. Luckily the regimen has stopped the breakouts so she is happy again.

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maral, you've put that so well and so logically.

Its hard to talk about because it can be such an emotional thing...its a personal attack rather than some random thing you can ignore. And we all get defensive when we feel we are being attacked personally......


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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

Throughout the years I've learned to discern which 'facts' or 'lies' that I want to believe. I got pretty good collections on stuff people said WHY I got this acne...one of my favorites "Man, you got acne...get a girlfriend or get married, it'll settle your hormones down".

As you get over one of those hurdles day by day...it will make you a stronger, wiser and more understanding and compassionate person...guaranteed smile.gif

Sending good thoughts [-o<


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Good posts =D>

on a side note, not only is it hard on you when your peers talk about your acne, but when your young children do as well. My 5 year old asks every now and then why I have these "dots" on my face.

Another thing I find interesting, is when you meet someone new. You know they are looking right at your acne/scars. I constantly get that. Someone will make eye contact with you, and immediatly you can watch their eyes move down and then away or to another focus point.

I dont have active acne at the moment, but the scars that im left with are quite impressive.


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People ask me what I spent $2000 dollars on or why I am going to the doctor again and I never tell them it's for my scars and acne. It just doesn't feel right talking about it. The only people I have a conversation with on this topic are my parents, and even that is rare. I feel that there's not much one can say to those who are currently not suffering from acne and scars. Plus, I'd rather not say anything that would bring even more attention to my face. I got enough weird looks every now and then and I don't want any more. cry.gif

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I think it's really like everyone have said, how it causes emotional obstacles. I mean it's like too many times when my mom talked to me about acne, the result will be the same-I burst in non-stop tears. So that's why she and everyone in my family don't mention about it anymore.

Whereas to people who don't understand, can you imagine talking with them over it? There was once- my friend asked me what happened to my face, I tried to avoid the topic because I knew he's going to come up with the" Oh my, is it because you didn't wash your face" crap, but he insisted on talking so I thought wow perhaps he really cared so much for me and understand what I'm going through, then yeah the next sentence he said was" Don't eat so much fried stuff! Your face is pretty bad"

Man it hurts doesn't it?

So I guess ultimately it really hurts.

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