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Why do my friends keep disappointing me?

I have written other times that I feel like my friends are miles away from me, because I feel them distant. During this past month we have gone out together many times, and I'm happy about it because I can feel we are not so apart as before.

Yesterday my sister comes back home and says that she has seen 2 friends of mine (the ones who I were closer with) to her school, because one had to get her diploma, graduation...so, why haven't they called me too? They know I have to take it too, and we went to the same high school...I was so sad, when my sister told me, because they haven't thought about calling me, or maybe they did think, but prefere going by themselves....

Also, one of the 2 will be my roommate, since for Uni we have rent an apartemnt, and the other is really gelous of her, because she is her best friend (they are closer than they are with me)...and she doesn't care at all about me, and I actually think she is somewhat mad at me, because I'm gonna live with her best friend...but we are all friends, and when we went to high school, I and the jelous friend used to be very close too, since she is very affectionate and show her affection and love for a person...

In fact, once we were out (but my roommate wasn't there) and we were talking about our new apartment, and the jelous one said: 'yeah, and she'll live there, with my best friend!!!!' she said that really loudly, kinda joking because she was smiling, but you get the point. It's like she wants to hurt my feelings, and making me understand that I'm hurting hers, going to live with her best friend....but it's not my fault.

This is drifting us 2 so apart from one another...

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