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Foods to be aware of

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I am almost positive there is another post regarding this, but hopefully mine is a little different.

It just isn't topicals that prevent acne. During the course of 3 years, I did a lot of experimentation to see how much food affected my skin, and besides hormones or whatever, what you eat is a significant impact for the cause of acne.

Here is a list of things that cause acne for me: (you may already know this)

Sugar(Major cause of acne! I stopped drinking sodas 3 years ago, okay maybe one every 4 months, but not

compared to 3 every day.

Bread(Something in bread, whether it is the flour, wheat, or something, but time after time, if I eat too much bread, I break out.. )

Milk(Not all dairy products, just milk causes breakouts for me)

Tomatos(Tomatos are fine, tomato sauce is also fine. Tomato sauce when it gets on your face, you're screwed. I think it is all of the acid it contains that really irritates your skin)

Spicy foods(This one is still a coin toss, sometimes I get a flare up after I eat something spicy, sometimes I don't)

Or you could say screw it. I'm going to eat snickers everyday with a glass of milk, and bread dunked in spicy tomato sauce.

Feel free to post the foods that cause or irritates your acne :)

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The food that triggers my acne:

1) Red meat

2) Milk

3) Bread

4) Peanuts

5) Sugar

I guess dats it. I might experiment other food later on *sigh*

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Been on a light diet to clear up my system for experiments, and its funny because I haven't had a single cyst appear for about a week now, where previously one would appear every 3-4 days at the most.

Yes, I too cut back on sugars, I gulped down approx 28 tblspoons of sugar per week so I stopped that. I also drank about 50 tblspoons of evoprated milk per week, so that had to go too. Not much elsewhere, just kept eating food prepared as naturally as possible, veggies, tofu, fish, a bit of chicken, rice, 1 fruit per day & thats it. I don't eat bread, pork, beef, junk foods.

I think I'll keep at it for another 2 weeks just to see.

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The only food trigger i have been able to identify is shrimp. Which causes an inflammatory papular rash one or two days later which i don't think is actually acne. This happened even after my skin was completely clear from Accutane - i don't think i'm ever touching shrimp again although i really like it.

Weird thing is that i only have that reaction to shrimp, but i can eat other related shellfish with no issues.

Cayenne based hotsauces would break me out around the mouth if it got on the skin around my lips, but ingesting it doesn't seem to bother me, and hotsauces based on different peppers don't have the same effect. And it doesn't seem to effect my skin post-Accutane the way it did before.

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Fruits, grain products, bean products, dairy (not butter/cream), salt, sugar, avocados, and meats give me acne at differing levels.

All potato products, all oils/fats, vegetables, peanuts/cashews, nuts, tea/coffee, hot sauces don't give me acne.

Pesticides on non-organic produce don't cause acne.

This took many years of observation to figure out. There is no pattern that I can see. Some very healthy foods give me acne and some junk foods don't give me acne- Acne is not necessarily about just avoiding junk food.

By eating only my 'okay' foods I can have 100% clear skin.

Too many people over simplify things by pushing 'low glycemic' or 'all organic' or 'high protein'. These diets work for a fraction of acne sufferers, but never all. This is what proponents of various diets fail to realize. Many acne prone people are like myself, showing no pattern and having to figure out the culprits food by food.

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If coffee breaks me out, it seems to be very minor, like a whitehead or two in a week. I've been drinking it every day lately. I don't think chocolate is breaking me out anymore... not sure about wheat / gluten because I'm too afraid to add it back in my diet and see, but sometimes I have it in a small amount like a wrap and don't worry about it, don't notice much breakout... Kefir definitely seems to be my skins very best friend, so there's some dairy not only I can have, but need to have... I'm a bit hesitant to add cheese back into my diet, the only other dairy I really enjoy... Sugar does it but in pretty large amounts. I dunno.

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The foods I know break me out (when eaten in large enough quantities) are:

milk and cheese (from cows, not goats)



flax seed oil

trans fats

I mostly avoid sugar because I assume it is not good for my skin, but I can't say for sure that it directly causes me to break out.

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