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Help with Diet

Hey all you healthy eating people,

I've decided that I really want to go on a no dairy, no wheat, unprocessed food diet after reading that article Dan put up and after reading other studies. I'm on Accutane right now (starting month 3), so I would need to have two meals with high-fat to increase absorption. I'm looking for some easy recipes that would include these retrictions I want to be on. If anyone is on a diet like this and is kind enough to help me out, that would be awesome. I'm a full-time student and part-time worker, so I don't have a lot of time to prepare meals. I need a guru! He, he. Looking forward to some replies. Thanks!

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You've got nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish eggs. Pretty good amount of food and pretty well balanced. So you can do things like omelettes, plates of fruit, and smoothies for breakfast, tuna / chicken salad for lunch, lentils / beans / Indian style vegetarian dishes for dinner or steak or chicken or fish. There's plenty of food to be eaten on a wheat-free, dairy-free diet. In my experience cutting out dairy is easy as hell but that's me. I think the wheat part is a bit harder. I've been eating dairy free for awhile but have just added back in kefir which my skins seems to be loving, so I drink it daily. Other then that I consume no dairy though... The problem with cutting out wheat is you can never order a sandwich at a restaurant, which has always been my biggest gripe... I could easily go to Wild Oats and order a very healthy sandwich chocked full of veggies and tofu, but there's no gluten free bread.

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