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MILD version of acne cure that works for me

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First I must clarify that I have very mild acne but sometimes I can go through rough phases when a lot of pimples will show up at once. I was going through one of these crazy phases before my wedding when I decided to try the acne cure. But since my case wasn’t severe and the products are harsh, I started slowly, and developed my own regime. Here it is. I’ve been doing this for over a month and now only get the occasional pimple before my period. So, for those of you wanting a low-key regime, this may work.

Day 1:

AM: Wash with a mild cleanser, that may or may not have SA, such as St. Ives, or The Body Shop tea tree oil soap.

Apply Paula’s Choice 2% BHA solution with a cotton ball and LEAVE IT all day (it doesn’t sting after a few days of use). I don't moisturize because this liquid moisturizes me enough

PM: Repeat wash. Apply Paula’s Choice 8% GA with a cotton ball and go to sleep with it on. Some people may have to remove it after a few minutes, but it doesn’t irritate my skin. Make sure to use a reasonable amount, not glop it all over your face.

Day 2:

AM: Wash the same way. DON’T use the SA, just moisturize with some oil-free lotion if you need it.

PM: Repeat wash. Apply Paula’s Choice 2.5% BP and go to sleep with it. I don't do any of the icing process. I just keep the BP in the fridge and use it cold on my face.

Keep alternating between the days. So the key is that not every product gets used every day. How did I determine what product to use when? By trial and error. The BHA solution is liquidy, so I use it like a toner and leave it on all day, while the GA is thicker and I’d rather not spend all day with it on my face. Same for the BPâ€â€since it is messier, I prefer to use it at night.

One more thing: once a week only, I exfoliate with St Ives apricot scrub and then use queen helene’s mint mask.

I don’t know if this will work for anyone else, but it works for me!


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Glad you found a routine that works. I have too and I also only use the bp at night. I also started my daughter (my brasilera) on my 1/2 Dan/ 1/2 acne cure routine without ice.

She was over tonight (she also got married last year) and looked great. She is pretty darn happy as she said prople were starting to ask what was wrong with her skin, arghhhhh!

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