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lost at zer0

Corey's Skin Regimen Logs.

This is my first post;

My name is Corey, I am Sixteen years old and I live currently in Cary, North Carolina. I have been struggleing with acne since I was about 10.

Though, It was not bad at the time, As I grew up, and hit High School my skin just exploded. My freshmen year I started Proactiv; because I just figured if I used the stuff-- my acne would slowly decline.

But after months of using the product and still growing up my skin slowly got worse.

I am now a sophmore and my skin is just horrible. I have NO acne on my back, neck, or forehead, But I get many large cyst breakout all over my chin, nose, skin above lips, and a little on the cheeks. Those areas are all speckeled with scars and some large pimples.

Thought my acne is moderate. It really affects my emotional and social life. I find it hard to look people in the face when they are talking to me, When I have a major breakout I avoid my friends and just pretty much hide underneath a rock. It's just hard, having this physical complexion and mixing it in with my social life.

There are many moments when I just become depressed about it... Having acne is just ruining my life. I can't do things I normaly love, like just be happy around friends. Instead I just hide, afraid of being looked at -- I KNOW there must be a change in my life NOW,

So here it is.

My Clear Skin Logs

Update #1


3 Days ago I saw a dermatologist for the first time in my life. I told him I had been using proactiv for a year and NEVER used or done anything else about my acne.

So he prescribed me 3 things: differin gel, 500Mg of Tetracycline , and Benzaclin (5% Benzoyl peroxide)

When I got home I went to this website for the first time to look up the ratings for the Medications he had given me. I was impressed with it all BESIDES the Differin--From what everyone tells me and what I read; it does not help, So I'm sticking with the proactiv.

So heres my Current Product Log


-Pill of Tetracycline with Lots of Water


A.Mild Soap Wash

B.Practiv Deep Cleansing Wash

-Proactiv Renewing Cleanser

-Proactiv Toner

-Benzaclin (5% Benzoyl peroxide)

- Drink of 2 tbs of Lemon juice in warm water

Evening:-Wash face off with mild soap


--Pill of Tetracycline with Lots of Water


A.Mild Soap Wash

B.Practiv Deep Cleansing Wash

-Proactiv Renewing Cleanser

-Proactiv Toner

-Benzaclin (5% Benzoyl peroxide)

I have been on this Log for about 3 days. The first day after using all of it, I broke up minorly on my upper lip and chin. I was pissed off because I thought it was not working and it was going to stay like it. But now it's been 3 days and I have 2 minor whiteheads around my chin and some new scars from recent breakouts. I am hoping it stays this way.

I WILL have pics of my progression here in about a day

If you want to contact me with questions, Suggestions, or just want to talk feel free too at:


AIM: Lost at zer0

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Hi Corey and welcome!

I wanted to let you know that while Differin might have not gotten good ratings by itself, combined with the other meds your derm gave you it oughtta really help.

Derms will often prescribe a benzoyl peroxide product for daytime use and a retinoid product for night time. They complement each other. And especially with an oral antibiotic too!

In my opinion, I think you should follow your derms advice here, and not use the Proactiv.

Good luck!

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