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accutane make you look older?!!!!!!

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hey guys. for those of you that have taken accutane, do you notice that you look older when you are done? i have read that among the millions of side effects we already know about for accutane, a lot of people say they look older after finishing treatment. i'm so sick of this. i really can't decide if i should go on it or not. i've heard so many scary things, but at the same time, there are side effects associated with everything, including long-term use of antibiotics. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

by the way, i am 24, have at all times about 6 pimples on face, including cysts every once in a while, and some acne on my back that appeared last year for the first time ever and just does not seem to go away. it actually started on my back after i went off minocycline. hmmmm? it seems like to get rid of this acne, you always get something else in return. in the case of accutane, it might be permanently dried eyes or premature aging. for antibiotics, you get yeast infections and yellow eyes. what's up with that? it really stinks!

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look older huh...Maybe that's because they did get older? hahahah

Yeah it messed with your skin, but i'm not sure that it'd make you look older?! I've never heard of this. I'm on my 3rd week of accutane...the side-effects aren't that bad...I mean you can deal with them.

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