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I'm confused...

How come my derm gave me accutane, but my friend who has big cystic breakouts had to beg for it?? I guess it just totally depends on the derm. I have mild acne with the occasion cyst, he said he could tell the breakouts are deep, and yes they are deep because they seem to scar and leave red marks, but I just dont understand why some people with severe cases have to go through so much shit to get accuatane and my derm was the one that suggested it for me, it's not like I begged. Will accutane clear up mild acne? It just doesnt seem fair that some people have to go through so much crap before they get accutane... yes I went through alot of crap as well, but not YEARS of of. I used benzyl peroxide, retin-a (for a very short time though), pro-active (worst mistake EVER), crazy medicated cleansers, birth control... they only thing I never tried was anitbiotics because I refused to use them!!!! Anyway I was just confused about this, but I guess it all depends on your derm. I'm just worried abotu how accutane will affect me, hopefully it clears me up.

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lots of derms are anti-tane.

also, if your friend is a girl, most derms will not give them accutane before trying everything else...... they think we are idiots who can't not have a baby for 6 whole months.

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