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Completely Cure your acne in 3 days?

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Bullllllsheeeeat. IMO

The page is very amatuerish. Secondly Acne is caused by a bacteria. Zits have a life cycle of 3 weeks. There is just no way you can be acne free in 3 days. If there was a way i'm sure that Oxy, Clearasil etc. would already be all over it.

Just my opinion.

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I thot it was complete BS but i mean who would take the time to write up 30 testimonials that are complete bullshit. I mean damn he must have spent like a week just making up testimonials, fake names and fake locations.

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It's a multilevel marketing scam. Can't you see the link at the top right about making money? This guy or company wants to sign you up to peddle this drivel. Anyone who falls for this amateurish attempt to rip people off deserves what they get. Let's email this guy, and tell him what we think: [email protected]

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YEAH. if 100 people visit his site in a month and only 2% of them are foolish enough to fall for it, its worth his time to write all of those testimonials.

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Guest fatman_uk

I only read the topic line... an came to my verdict...



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Like everyone else said, its complete bullshit period.

Just be patient and stick to Dan's Regimen, it has worked wonders for me and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome it has given me.


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If it was true,It would be in every newspaper in the country for free.Nobody can keep a lid on something like this.Plus the multimillion dollar companies would aqcuire the information so quick and cheap!Scam.

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