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i'm desperate

I had this amazing mineral makeup that was just the right colour and was probably my favourite makeup yet and now I think they've changed the colours. I ordered some more 'fairly light' which is what I used before, but it was way, way darker. And it wasn't just a one off because I ordered a couple. So I also got some 'fair' thinking that maybe that would be a closer match but that was still too dark as well. Too pinky as well as being too dark. My skin is really really pale but more of a yellow tone than a pink, just slightly though, and I just can't seem to find a good enough match. It's driving me mad. I have the tiniest amount of my minerals left and when they've run out I don't know what I'll have to use. I can't not wear makeup because that's just not an option really for me right now. I do have a liquid makeup that is the right shade but itdoesn't look very good. So was just wondering whether anyone knows of any good mineral makeup (cheap!) that I could try, that comes in a really really light shade. Preferably that I could get off somewhere like ebay, or at least from some place in the UK. :( Thanks..

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Nope, doesn't have to be mineral makeup, I just get a little put off sometimes by other stuff because it never seems to work too well. And cheap as in less than £10 prefererably :lol: I know I know.. you kind of get what you pay for but I get through so much of it I can't really afford to buy expensive stuff... But just now I got in touch with the person who I got my minerals from and she said because she mixes them herself they sometimes come out different colours... so she's gonna mix me up some more and send me them for free!! awesome :angel: thanks for your help though guys

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