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Hi y'all,

im new to the site, and live in the uk, just wanted to tell you about my daughters progress with the regimen.we use Pears oil free wash bar, its much better than the honey coloured original wash bar, and is sooo cheap, about 50p for a bar which lasts on average about 6 weeks, its the only cleanser that has worked for my daughter, shes only 11, and has suffered from wicked acne for about 6 months.We now use the Pears, which is amazing, 5%panoxyl which her skin has got used to , and the Eucerin dry skin face cream, and her skin is completely clear, apart from a few little red marks which are beginning to fade, we've only been doing the regimen for 2 weeks, and you should see the difference!she started high school with about 30 red pimples , but after 2 weeks on Dans regimen, shes virtually clear!her confidence is slowly coming back, which is fantastic!do try the pears oil clear wash bar tho, no other cleanser worked for her, we tried ketsugo and it made her break out 10 times worse...

she uses;

Pears oil-free wash bar(from B and M discount store)

Panoxyl bp cream(5%)

Eucerin dry skin face cream, (from boots, www.boots.com) ;):lol::D

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sadly i phoned the pears helpline today, and was told they have discontinued the oil free wash bar cos it didnt sell, big pity that, it did wonders for my daughters acne, ah well, if anyone knows of any good facial wash bars for sale in the uk, please advise me cheers xxxx

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