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A couple of questions....which may turn out to be a bit of a survey:

How many of you (like me) are popping 20 huge 500mg tabs of B5 every day?

I'm sure I rattle and when I leave the house in the morning, my pockets are bulging (from the day's supply O:) )

Anyone been doing this for some time and reduced their intake without breaking out?

Please reply and let me know how many of us are out there and what results you've had?

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I started b5 about 1 week before doing Dan's regimen.

I was taking 14 capsules at 500mg and then 550mg (about 8 to 8.8g) a day for about a month. I ordered some before I ran out but finished what I had before they arrived (there was a postal strike here, damnit). I didn't taken any for about 4 days but fortunately my face didn't breakout because of it (I had a slight breakout due to picking my skin). I did notice that my skin was slightly on the oily side for the first time since starting on the regimen & b5. I'm now taking only 4 capsules a day (2.2g). I was going to increase the dosage a bit but I might not in the end since the regimen seems to be working so well and I am THIS close to being clear (plus all the b5 I've bought has costed so much altogether).

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To recap, I think I ran out of b5 last Monday and my new supply arrived on Friday, so that was 4 days of suddenly almost no b5 (I actually had some 200mg tablets which I took one or two of non-commitally).

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Stopping B5 for 4 days won't hurt. I've been taking B5 for 2 years and I have days or even a week that I run out or forget. around the 8th day my face gets oily again and a bump or two will start. I've tried going 3 wks without it and then it all comes back. So there is a period that your skin needs to go back to its original condition. Its not going to burst into a breakout within 4 days. As for lowering your dose, I am now only taking 4 grams a day while using Dan's regime. I was sick of taking so many pills so decided to use the regime and halve my dose. Works okay. The high dose of B5 works better, but taking so many pills is tiring.

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