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Well I have at least 4 months before I can try Fraxel (due to coming off Accutane a month ago) so I thought in the meantime I'd try some home remedies.

I already know no one seemed to have too much success with AC vinegar, but I found a few more for topical use - lemon/cucumber juice (or lemon/honey if your skin is dry) aloe, sesame oil, olive oil, Copper peptides, washing with baking soda and I'm sure there are more.

As well, injesting vitamin C, flax oil, lots of water and probably others as well.

I might as well use the next four months to try as many of these as much as I can. What I've noticed it seems that even with the Fraxel and CPs that people here use, you have to be very patient to see results. Even Fraxel doesn't have complete results until after 6 months.

Both Fraxel and CP's claim to produce collagen. Is there anything else that does this naturally that anyone knows of, besides Vitamin C?

Anyway, I'll spend the next 4 to see if any improvement can happen.

I'll exfoliate every day and use CP's at night, then in between I'll topically use lemon/honey or ac vinegar or olive oil.

I'll drink lots of water, injest vitamin C, Flax oil and who knows what else.

Has anyone been extremely patient and used any home remedies for a long period of time? Like 6 months or more? If yes, what did you find?

Why is it that we don't see scarred up people in old pictures or read about any scarred up people in history books? Perhaps the old home remedies work if we are patient enough. I might as well be. Got four months to give it all serious go.

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