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Retin A Micro & Minocycline

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Ok all...so my new derm will not give me spironolactone anymore which is depressing me because it was the first and only medication that cured my acne completely! i woke up with a clear face every freakin day and it was HEAVEN! but now this new derm is against prescribing it to anyone in "childbearing age years" becuase of the birth defects it can have on babies. Now, I'm 26, already have a beautiful baby girl who is 2 and i'm not about to have another one for at least two more years. My fiance and I are very careful and it angers me that this dermatologist practices her medicine so unethically. how is she going to bring her own subjective opinions on childbirth into her decision on prescribing me this medication. how does she have any right to pry like that? I actually had to speak about my sex life to her, which is just wrong. Your not a freakin gyn lady!! Anyway, i didn't even fight it....she was a stern ass biatch that wasn't gonna budge. So she has prescribed me Retin-A micro and minocycline. Please give me the low down on what I'm about to endure.....

How bad is the IB....how bad does your skin peel, flake, etc. I barely have any pimples at the moment since I have been megadosing on B5 pills, but i'm over those since everytime I go back on it, my hair falls out like I'm freakin Ghandi and ish. I have extremely long hair and it is so noticeably thinner from that crap. I envy those of you that don't get that side effect from B5!

So any help would be grand! I'm prepared to isolate myself once again, and wear my hair down all the time again and wear loads of makeup to cover up the pimples as best as i can. but here we go again on the road of embarrasment and insecurity.

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im not going to lie to you, the IB from retin a micro, for me, was awful. i ended up with waaay more breakouts than i have ever had in my entire life. my skin was peeling like crazy. for about two months, every morning i looked in the mirror wondering why the heck i had done this to myself. my acne wasnt even bad to begin with, just the occasional breakout...

but i stuck with it.

about a month ago my derm prescribed me minocycline and i'm not sure if it was that, or the retin a micro finally kicking in (probably a combination of both) but now its been about four months (since i begun retin a micro) and my skin has really improved. i still have a few red marks from the IB (lasted for a couple months)...but its finally working. my skin feels really soft and smooth. its awesome.

it's definitely not a fun process! but if you stick with it and dont give up you'll get good results!

if you have any questions just message me! :)

good luck!

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