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About to start the CSR, but have a few questions

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So I've been poking around this site a bit, and I am going to give the CSR a try.

Last week I ordered the CSR brand BP and cleanser. It arrived today so I'm ready to go. I've been using different cleansers and BP (5-10%) for the past 3-4 years now. I consider myself to have light/medium acne, and just on my face.

Before I found this site, I was more or less convinced that my acne was due to my extremely oily skin. I wash my face 2-3 times a day, and apply a 10% BP solution to my face at night. Very rarely do I get flakey skin, only in the dead of the winter do I get some.

I am planning on follow the CSR to the tee, or as close as possible. I am fairly confidant that my face will not dry out, even without a moisturizer. Does anyone have any success without using a moisturizer?

Which brings me to my next question, at home I have a couple bottles of Clean and Clears dual action moisturizer. I believe that has a salyic (sp?) acid in it. Is this moisturizer ok for the CSR, or do I want something else?

Any other advice anyone can give for a person with mild / medium acne, and very oily skin ?

Also, I usually work out at the gym over lunch on Tues / Thurs. Anyone have any good ideas for keeping with the regmine, and still working out.

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You still want to moisturize. It's all about keeping yr skin balanced. The c and c moisturizer isn't what you want because of the salicyclic acid. You want a light, oil-free one.

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