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I found this a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart.


I can't find any more info online about it other than this. But it is something you might want to try to find.

Firstly, it's CHEAP! I mean DIRT CHEAP! It's between $5 and $8! It has a big bottle of 2.5% BP face wash, a big bottle of a toner wash, and a 1.3oz bottle of 2.5% BP cream! All of this for $5 is one hell of a deal! Just getting a 0.75oz bottle of the 2.5% cream from Neutrogena costs more than getting this whole kit. You can also just buy the 2.5% BP cream seperatly for $2!

This stuff has really helped me. I had severe acne and this is what my regimen is as of today.

I take 100mg of Doxycycline twice a day.

In the morning I use the Clear Wear stuff.

After that I use the Neutrogena redness reducing multi-vitamin acne treatment.

In the afternoon I once again use the Clear Wear and the Neutrogena.

In the evening I take my second capsul of Doxycycline, use the clear wear and then on top of each big blemish I use Bye-Bye Blemis drying lotion. It costs $10 but it lasts a long time and it works just as they say. You put it on a pimple and in the morning it has drastically reduced in size.

One more thing that I do is I drink a LOT of water with lemon juice in it. About 9 glasses a day. This has really helped.

All of this combined has brought me from severe acne to about a 90% clear up in 2 months time. I think that the biggest thing I did to help was going to the doctor and getting the doxycycline as no matter what over the counter stuff I tried, it just wasn't enough.

So all of this is actually pretty cheap.

Clear Wear - $5 every 3 weeks.

Doxycycline - $40 every month

Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin - $5 every 2 months (it lasts a long time)

Bye-Bye Blemish Drying Lotion - $10 every 2 months (you use less and less as your acne clears up as you only put it on the bad spots)

So it's about $50 a month when you divide up the initial cost of the neutrogena and bye-bye blemis stuff. If you only have moderate acne you probably don't need doxycycline so your cost will go down big time to like $10 a month.

I hope this helps someone smile.gif

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