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Benzoyl Peroxide Safety

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Ok 1st off for those of you just starting out and what not here is my history. I havent been on this page for months now though I prob should come back more to encourage. Ive been on the Clear Skin reg for.. well it will be a year in November. I stay 99% clear all the time. I would say 100% but Ill still get a very occasional small spot here and there. Nothing like I did before.

I did take a course of Accutane over a year ago but I was starting to get some of my big bumps again afterward and thats when I started the CSR. Im sure Accutane has helped alot but the CSR keeps me REALLY clear.

With all that said. I feel good using the CSR but recently it crossed my mind.. how long am I going to do this.. what if I really dont need it now. I of course cringe at the thought of testing out quitting to find my acne comes back with strong force. Then I started wondering about safety. Ive done research on it before and did here recently again. ITS SOOO CONFUSING! the FDA says long term safety is UNKNOWN and it has caused tumors when tested on mice. Im sure they werent using 2.5% but something stronger on those mice. They say that even with that it does not yet indicate it is unsafe for human use. So its not like they are screaming "BP is dangerous!!!"

Its like when you look it up you hear 1/2 and 1/2. Some say its safe other say no. I of course hope more than anything that it is safe as can be and I can keep using it without this naggin question in the back of my mind.

Soooo I was wondering if someone has REALLY extensive accurate as can be research on the subject? Or mabe someone who as been using it for a LONG time. My other concern is does it cause ageing? My skin seem different now and there is a crease inbetween my eyebrows from where I swint or frown (whick I try not to do much :)) that seems so noticable now. Ive read that BP can age the skin quicker in the same manner as unprotected sun exposure... Ah so much.. anyway any help would be great.

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