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moisturizing an equally important step?

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hi pple, this is somethin for pple with combination skin to think bout...my skin is pretty oil in the nose..was wondering if i should use the moisturiser there.. since one of our members(snow queen) said it could cause clogging of pores if the moisturuser is used in the oily regions.. but dan clearly says that moisturising is an equally important step in the regimen..i have posted this query before but didnt get a satisfactory answer..

..so please help..dan ..brandy u guyz listenin? :think:

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Hi Maximus,

I know this is a confusing part for many people. Those of us with oily skin have grown up with the notion that we should not moisturize. But here is the deal. Your skin's hydration status is determined by the amount of water within your skin cells, not how much oil is sitting on top of your skin. Even oily skin can become dry and dehydrated from acne medications. Most acne medications have skin dryness as a side effect. Benzoyl peroxide included. Since Dan recommends us to use so much BP, our skin becomes dry and dehydrated and so a moisturizer is needed.

So, while your skin may be oily, it may be dry and dehydrated within the cells, so that is why a good moisturizer is an important part for the success of the Regimen.

Typically, oily skin doesn't need to use as much moisturizer as a person with dry skin might, but it is still important for the success of the CSR.

Alot of people even say if they don't moisturize properly they actually break out more from the dryness.

So, you may not need to slather on alot of moisturizer, but do at least use it once a day to help keep your skin hydrated and in balance.

Also, you want to be sure you are using a good moisturizer that says "won't clog pores" or "non-comedogenic".

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