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I'm Obsessed with my Skin? Are You?

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Ever since I really felt bad about my skin condition, I have done everything and trying everything to make it as perfect as I possibly can. Even imperfections in my skin that isn't acne is starting to bug me. I had this small mole on my forehead-not the kind that protrudes out, but just a small blackish area on the forehad-that I really didn't like cuz I thought it made me look weird. So I bought a kojic acid skin lightening cream and it worked! Now you can barely tell it's there. But what's weird is that years ago, this would have never bothered me and I'm sure most people would think that I'm weird worrying about that Funny how we get so picky that all we think about is our skin and what products/treatments we need to get. Half of the time I end up thinking about my face when I'm trying to study. I spend a lot of time researching products online that can help me and how much money I need to save. Treating my skin has become a hobby for me. Has it for you?

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'Hobby' about sums it up correctly. Yes, I've been pretty much the same ever since I discovered sites like this one.

I still dread to think what if I hadn't decided to type 'acne' into Google that one day. I would probably still be on minocin (which I was starting to break out from severely) and still using pore clogging products (I wasn't even aware of the existence of the word 'comedogenic').

Sure, I've spent a lot of time (I know what you mean about researching products online!) and money in the last month but my skin has cleared up immensely. Two weeks ago, I was waking up and feeling thoroughly disgusted at the sight of my face and seeing no end to it all but today, things are finally looking up.

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I have to agree with the both of you, it has become a hobby for me also...i spend alot of time researching and finding information on anything that could help my face, the weird thing is my acne doesnt really bother me at all, its my scarring (even though i've been told multiple times that its minor) theyre like small lil holes on my cheeks and i become obsessed about them...ya know its a weird thing, i dont even remember getting them but i do remember ever since i was prescribed minocycline my skin got worse because it seems that stuff made me scar easier because i would pop pimples before i was on this and it would heal completely up with no scar but somewhere along the line i ended up with these dreadful scars and i want to do something about them desperately!!! theyve become a major part of my life and i'm very ashamed of my face, is there anything that i can do to help this!?!?

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Yes I am obsessed too!

I am obsessed with my skincare, acne, beauty, make-up, etc. etc. and spend hours reading about all this stuff online!! I can also spend loads of time staring at my pores or spots or whatever in the mirror.

I have learned so much though smile.gif

Plateaukid- don't mess with your moles, that's really not good for your skin. Melanoma often develops from moles, so it's better just to leave them alone.

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how couldn't you be? All the time that you have acne society tells you that it makes you dirty ugly greasy and disgusting. Who wants to be all that shit? Of course you're going to want your skin to be perfect becasue you're skin isn't perfect. It's a pile of shit like the rest of ours. I mean if I had normal skin i wouldn't be putting on all this shit on my face. It's because that you have (i don't know how bad you're current condition is but i guess you always still have some acne) a skin condition that makes you feel low so it's natural that because you were low that you know want to be the best. That's why people who run the country are the people that had shitty childhoods like bill gates i mean i'm sure he got the crap beaten out of him alot so he wanted power. That's why people from the gutter want money and that's why people with acne want perfection. sorry for raving

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