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Going to derm tomorrow-ADVICE NEEDED

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Hey all,

I'm going to a dermatologist on Monday because my acne is getting out of hand and OTC products don't seem to be working.

Anyway I need some advice because I know some of you have experience with seeing derms, and I would like to make my visit as worthwhile as possible.

That said, this will be my first time going to a derm, so what should I expect?

Are there certain things I should be aware of?

And are there things that I should ask him/her, and if so, what are they?

Maybe you could share your experiences with the rest of us who are contemplating going to see a derm?

Thanks in advance guys.

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I went to a regular doctor and she gave me Doxycycline. That's it. She said that she doesn't think that the Retin-A works at all and doesn't like to prescribe it.

I was skeptical but the Doxycycline has done wonders. It took a few weeks for the effects to start being noticed though. If you have insurance, I hear that Accutane is a wonder drug for most people who use it. I can't afford it as I don't have insurance. Doxycycline is not very expensive and if you just use it with your regular OTC stuff and it should do the trick. Though i'm not a derm so what do I know wink.gif

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I don't know if you are a girl or not, but Yasmin birth control pill plus Minocycline (I only took for a month) has totally cleared my skin. Plus I use the two Clean and Clear washes every morning and my skin is glowing! Most of the topicals given by my derm never did much. A product that did a lot was Elidel, which is for some other type of skin condition worked well in getting rid of some red marks though. Other than that, the derm is only good for getting cortisone shots in cysts, in my opinion. Good luck! O:)

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