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Prince Gorgeousman

LooLoo's RETIN-A Future Miracle Journal!

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Isn't my thread title just MAAAAAGICAL? Hahaha..

Well anyway, today is my 2ND DAY using Retin-A Micro and I already have 2 f*cking nodules on my forehead. WHY, GOD, WHY?!?! :boohoo:

I used Retin-A Micro a year ago and my skin was flawless. No bumps or pores or uneveness, although I was quite red.. but I'd take that over my current state any day now. I was so dumb to ever stop using it.. but I was so depressed & out of it that I didn't realize how much good it was doing for me. Now I have to go through that horrible INITIAL BREAKOUT shit again.

I just don't know what to do about the acne I'm going to get from the Retin-A Micro.. I really hope those topical antibiotics come in soon.. that'd be the best combination in the world. The Topical Antibiotics will kill all the pimples before they even reach the surface while the Retin-A Micro is busy at work.. :dance: It's just so hard to deal with the IB. I told myself I'd never do it again because it was so horrible at first.. but I guess things will get better.

Anyway.. here I go with the journey again!! Weeeeeeeeee!! *flies into the glittery sky*

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