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Going to derm tomorrow-ADVICE NEEDED

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Hey all,

I'm going to a dermatologist on Monday because my acne is getting out of hand and OTC products don't seem to be working.

Anyway I need some advice because I know some of you have experience with seeing derms, and I would like to make my visit as worthwhile as possible.

That said, this will be my first time going to a derm, so what should I expect?

Are there certain things I should be aware of?

And are there things that I should ask him/her, and if so, what are they?

Maybe you could share your experiences with the rest of us who are contemplating going to see a derm?

Thanks in advance guys.

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Any good derm will treat your acne with multiple approaches. You need to treat your acne from the inside as well as the outside. You will probably get an oral antibiotic and some topical meds. Benzaclin is an excellent topical med to start with. I use clindamycin gel in the daytime and Differin at night. Whatever approach the derm prescribes, you need to stick with it for an extended period to rule out what doesn't work for you. It's going to be tempting for you to continue using and experimenting with OTC acne treatments. Don't do it. Give the prescribed meds a chance to work by themselves. Communicate with your derm. If a med causes you problems like peeling or irritation, then tell your derm. If you don't have good communication with the derm, then find another until you feel comfortable. Good luck...

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