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combining oral and topical therapy for acne

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I have started becoming obsessed with finding myself a cure for acne lately. I think i have done more research on acne in the last few weeks than i ever did for any subject when i was in school. I got excited when i heard about dans regime but after one week my face became worse than an alligator so i decided to start using an aha moisturizer to exfoliate my skin. I am about to start b5 therapy at 10g/day and also started to take up to 100mg of zinc after reading some interesting things on it. I am gonna keep using b/p but only for my problem areas(jaw bone). I also supplement multivitamins and protien because i'm a bodybuilder. I realize many people are more interested in knowing how a product worked for others through message boards than reading about how some company praises it and guarantees results. So I will keep people informed on how these products are working for me and my moderate acne. Peace.

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okay, it is currently day five. my skin seems to finally becoming smooth because the dead skin is exfoiliating. I had a massive breakout on my right jaw bone with about 5 zits in a line that got pretty red and looked ridiculous. They are all drying up though now and i think it was caused by the bp. I decided to use st. ives salicylic acid in the mornings instead of a gentle cleanser and have notice my face become much smoother. i still use bp but will skip 1 application if my skin is red and irritated. now, for the zinc and b5. I really don't think the zinc has done anything yet but its still pretty early. I ordered revolution x b5, since they offer money back plus 50 bucks if you are unsatisfied. I take 10g a day spead out. I hope to see my oil production greatly reduced in the next couple of weeks because i have oily skin. Oh yeah, for a moisturizer i use nuetrogena face lotion because its is oil free and has glycolic acid in and seems to keep my face moisturized through the whole day.

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Well its been a week since my last post. My face has totally cleared up of acne except for a cyst i'm trying to kill on the the right side of my jaw. the red spots are starting to fade as well. i don't seem to be breaking out at all the last few days which is a relief. i wanna say the b5 is working but i think its too early to say that yet. The only problem i am having is that the regime is leaving my face very dry, red and flaky. i think i am going to switch it up a bit and only use the bp in the evening. Maybe use sylicylic acid wash in the morning followed by a aha moisturizer to help exfoliate my skin and even out the skin tone and improve the texture. By the way, i am using 10g of b5 from evolution x.

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