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Can anyone recommend a good sun block for the face

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good sun block I can wear on my face. I live in Arizona, so I pretty much should be wearing it every day. I'm looking for something that is not oily and won't make me break out. Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. --LAET 8)

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That's a great suggestion and it won't break the bank! Thanks, I'll have to steal my kids sun block from now on :( -LAET 8)

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I have been using Zia sunblock for about 3 years now and I love it!! It's hypo allergenic and non comedogenic. I have to wear sunscreen all summer and this is the only thing I have found that won't make your face break out. I used to use the Zia skincare line until a few months ago when it broke me out really badly. However, the sunblock hasn't given me any trouble. Now, whether you can wear it under makeup or not, I honestly haven't tried that before. I just wear it alone in the summer to keep my face from getting burned. Hope this helps!!


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I use Clinique City Block, which comes in SPFs 15 and 25. Is more of a pink, rather than the usual horrible bright white. Is definitely oil free, but not sure whether non-comedogenic or not...


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since you live in Arizona, you need a full coverage product. about a year ago (after getting sun cancer AGAIN) i researched sunscreen ingredients for effectivenss. all ingredients are not effective in the same way or for the same length of time. for example, some are super effective at blocking UV radiation for the first 30 minutes after application, then pretty much ineffective. according to australian derms use a product that contains both micronized titanium and zinc oxides (neither are comedogenic). take care of that skin of yours!!

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I use Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 15.

Their website describes it as "Invisible protection for all skin tones and types from everyday encounters with the sun's UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, plus environmental aggressors that can, in time, damage skin. Comfortable, ultra-sheer formula uses only physical sunscreens, so even the most sensitive skins can wear it daily, under makeup or alone. Looks fresh, natural, non-ashy. Helps makeup wear longer, stay colour-true.

I've found all of these claims to be accurate.

It is a cream/pinkish color, but goes on completely transluscent and is immediately absorbed into the skin. Not the least bit greasy. Also, not only do I have no problem wearing it under foundation, it actually helps my foundation stay on longer (or maybe I've just fooled myself into believing this because that's one of their product claims). It is oil and fragrance free and non comedogenic.

You can buy it at a Clinique counter at most department stores. You have the option of both trying it on before you purchase it and returning it if you are not satisfied. It costs $14.50, which is a bit expensive, but like all Clinique products I use, it lasts a really long time, so when you break it down it's just about $2 a month.

I use this SPF daily, but for the summer time when I'm at the beach or pool, I opt for Neutrogena Face Protectant SPF 25. It's oil-free and sweat and water proof (though way too greasy feeling for daily use).

Hope this helps a lil' bit.

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