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Sleep Patterns

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How much does sleep affect acne?? I am starting to think that sleep patterns have more to do with acne than diet. Check this out, I used to work at some hell hole and we rotated shifts every other week, 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts, so I was working and sleeping different times and my body never really got used to it and I had some of the worst acne ever. I used to think it was just because I drank alot of milk while working there, but Im starting to wonder if the messed up sleeping had more to do with it. Everybody else in my family always has a strict routine of going to sleep between 9pm-11pm and getting up around 8-9am and they never have any kind of breakouts. After working at that crappy job my sleep patterns got all messed up and now I sometimes stay up til 3am and dont get up until like 1pm. It seems like the later I go to sleep and expecially the LONGER I sleep the worse my breakouts are the next few days. Has anybody tested out this theory or is there any scientific research that has been done about it?? I know getting a good nights sleep is a good, healthy thing to do, but just how much does it affect acne Im wondering.

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nah it doesnt really have an effect on acne but it does have an effect on your skin for obvious reasons because when you sleep most of your cell renewal etc happens,your skin would probably look dull tired etc for not getting enough sleep which may make acne appear worse but as for causing acne no it doesnt.

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