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my new regimen, works amazingly

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I am brand new to these boards and just felt like i would tell you all about my regimen that has completely cleared up my face. keep in mind i have extremely oily skin and break out, or used to, every single day.

first off, the products i use are avedas botanical kenetics line. i use the gel cleanser, the hydrating lotion, and the exfoliating toner. these products contain oil, however, they are all oils i have researched and read are non-comedogenic. such as jojoba oil and lavendar oil (which is a natural antiseptic). the jojoba oil mimics your natural sebum resulting in your face actually not producing as much oil.

Here is what i do:

in the morning after i shower, i fill the sink up with warm water. not hot water, or lukewarm, just in between.

then i dip my entire face in the sink and hold it in there a few times as long as i can. this increases blood circulation and opens up your pores (a vital step i think a lot of people are missing). I then use avedas botanical kenetics gel cleanser. i squirt about 2 pumps into my hand, work it into a lather and gently massage my face and rinse it off.

after i pat my face dry with a clean towel, i follow with dans bp gel exactly how he recommends. once that is rubbed in and completely dry, i follow with avedas botanical kenetics hydrating lotion. it moisturizes incredibly well so i dont use alot. maybe half a pump.

at night i do the exact same thing, except after i cleanse i use the exfoliating toner from the same line of products. its very gentle and wipes away dead skin cells with no irritation.

I hope this helps someone as much as it did me. and im not just trying to promote aveda products lol they just worked the best for me.

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haha yeah it is a bit pricey. and i always feel uncomfortable going in to the stores that sell it. a bit snobby. but, in my opinion, you get what you pay for.

I think soaking your face in warm water is the key factor though. I think it would improve any regimen.

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so glad it's working for you

but, are you sure u have acne?

b/c no one that i've heard of was cured with using only regular cosmetic products

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you cant cure acne, you can only control it.

and considering BP is the main factor, it is quite possible, especially with dans. if you get the right combo the regimen works just like she said, amazingly

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yes im definately sure i have acne. i have had it since i was about 13. and my acne is not mild either its actually really bad. before i started with these products and doing this certain routine i broke out every day. literally. these just happen to be the only products that do not irritate my face what so ever so that significantly reduced my breakouts. and i dont use them alone, like i said, i use dans gel how he recommends.

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