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Craving thick juicy burger with cheeeeseeee....

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I'm prepping for another round of diet experiments, so I'm eating healthy, and cutting out all junk from my diet. No sugars, no milk, no caffine (never drank the stuff anyway), no cookiees, no sweets, no muffins, no nothing. Bland and monotonous goop for me. This is to clear my system, and'll last about a week or two.

Yea, I'm feeling great :mad:. Fatigue usually sets in during the day, but with this damned healthy diet, I'm wide awake... always :mad:. Slept at 4am last night, cus I had to really put my mind on my design project thing, and I only had 3-4 hours sleep. Normally I'd be drooling at the desk by 10am, but not today, today my eyes can't seem to close. And then there's the abundance of energy (how the heck, I don't know), streamlined waistline, intense and focused concentration, crystal sharp sense of clarity, etc... it's just ridiculous. I honestly don't know how some people can stand living like this :confused:.

Ohh... 3000cal burger in hands...stuffing face now... ugg.... :drool: Fries in fingers... can't stuff in mouth, no space...

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