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does anyone know if long hair contributes to acne, i have acne not just on my forehead but nose and mouth area... which makes me think its not my hair but im not sure

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Having your hair over your face *may* aggrivate it, try by having it back for a while and see if theres any improvement.

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Where is asthersmom?...she is the crusader for removing SLS (Sodium Laureth/yl Sulfate) from all things. You could be a candidate....sls is in hair shampoo and I think toothpaste...and people can get acne in these areas as an allergy...you could go the drugstore and switch to non SLS products. Certainly won't do any harm.

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i dont think the sodium lauryl/th sulfate is the case, its been proven to be mainly a case for women i believe... and the fact that i have acne most parts of my face not just around my hair... i dont know i hope it clears up soon i started a new regimen

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My 19 yo brother has long hair e a face smoother than a baby's ass.

I am 21, real short hair e have had moderate acne since I was 14 or 15.

Hope that answers the question

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