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If the guy asks if he's ugly on here obviously hes hoping that people will go against what he thinks of himself and say he's not and give him CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Nobody with already low self esteem would want to hear he's ugly from ANYONE and is just posting with hope. So like somoene already posted, when you already lack self esteem it's a bad idea to ask if people think you're "ugly" because some will be asses and say "well he asked" and make that their excuse for insulting someone. Saying someone is ugly isn't saying they have bad skin. That's all fixable. Stating someone is "ugly" as a fact is just fucking rude and makes it a dead end road regardless of what they do. So for those saying "he asked" wake up a bit and put yourself is someone elses shoes.

To the poster-Truth is you look like you lack confidence. Many of us lack confidence with you because of our skin. It shows, people can feel the energy coming off you and inturn they treat you similarly. You are NOT ugly and I'm sure if most of the people on here covered their eyes with their hair like that had no makeup and sat without confidence they would portray the same image you do. Most of us try to do anything we can to fix our appearance you seem to be simply covering it up. So please don't feel like you're ugly, you have great potential. Get a haircut, get that hair out of your eyes, hit the gym for some toning and strength building and you'll start to feel better about yourself and it will show in your overall appearance.

agree with that

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Nobody with already low self esteem would want to hear he's ugly from ANYONE and is just posting with hope.

If someone asks for an honest opinion you can either A) Lie , B) Tell the truth , C) Avoid the question D) Avoid the question and try to give hints E) Tell the truth and try and give hints. For me A) is not a good option. If someone decide that they wanna tell the truth in their opinion they shouldn't be bashed for it. I chose option D because I didn't want to answer the question but thought I could contribute with advices. However bashing people for telling their honest opinion when he asked for it isn't right. Neither is lieing. And asking people to post a picture of themself when they say someone their honest opionion when asked for is ridicolous. First of all they haven't asked for honest comments on their look, neither is it relevant to the question it self. For example person A and B can both be ugly but if person A asks B if he honestly think he is ugly and B answers yes, that doesn't change the fact that A is ugly nor that B thinks so.

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cool. eat less sugar, carbs, and lower your calories (eat less then your body needs- you can find your 'calories needed to maintain bodyweight' online) and the weight will come off quick. i still think you should get a haircut!!! but do what you want :D.

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if you really want to lose weight eat nothign but veggies and fruits and drink only water and maybe eat some whole grain stuff and some lean meats. IDK.. they all sound healthy so it makes sense to me to eat them. Even though i have never had to lose weight, i have put some on and off over the years because I keep going vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Also, i just generally eat healthily.

starving yourself works also.

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Long hair screams lack of self confidence, which is evidently what you have. The 'trend' of having long hair is freaky to be honest with you, no one really likes it.. i dont.

What *mod edit? Long hair is awesome. It looks great on lots of people.

long hair that stretches over to cover your eyes and makes you look like an animal?

sure, it may look great if you can rock it the right way, but when you are just doing it to 'hide' it makes you appear unconfident.

sorry, but guys have to have confidence nowadays

Look like an animal? News flash, humans are animals.

And you said the entire trend is "freaky". Long hair doesn't have to equal lack of confidence.

No, humans are not animals, we do not see ourselves as animals. At least the majority of us do not if you want to get scientific with me. You know what i mean when i say this, dont act like you do not.

YOU may not think that long hair that covers the eyes does not equal lack of confidence, but of course, the majority do. I know this, we all know this, and YOU know this; dont play like you do not. If i were purposely putting my hair in front of my eyes so no one can see me im sure MOST of the people who see me would think that i lack self confidence to a certain degree more than if i did not have my hair covering my eyes. I dont need to further explain this.

I see the trend of listening to metal rock bands and putting your hair in front of your eyes and the stereotypical wardrobe and behavioral choices that come alone with this trend as freaky, yes i do. This is my opinion on this trend. You know what trend I am talking about, and YES i am being stereotypical. Why? Because this stereotype more often than not tends to be true and we ALL stereotype.

Now here is a question.. Is this original poster unconfident or does he look like he is self confident. A play of the "If mona lisa looks happy, then she IS happy" type question. He looks unconfident. This can be said based on the MAJORITY of opinions. Does that make him unconfident.. not at all.

HOWEVER, if he looks unconfident than we assume that he IS unconfident. We do this, most people do this. Of course.. he may rebutt what we say and object and perhaps go off on a tangent of how he "does not care" about what we may think.

Actually, he does care about how he LOOKS and what we think. If not he would have not made this thread. He cares about whether or not we think he is ugly. He gave a PICTURE for us to base opinions on. A picture is something we LOOK at, and what we see directly affects what we will say. Therefore, the long hair in this case does equal lack of self confidence.

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