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MedLite, Smoothbeam or Fraxel?

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After being told for the last 7 years that my discoloration and scars will heal over time I decided to step it up over the summer. I did a regimen I found on this forum and it worked great for taking care of my skin and cleaning pours, but it didn’t help as much with the red marks.

My scars are not deep at all and can’t really be seen in normal light situations. The red marks on the other hand can be seen at anytime. And iv had them for 7+ years. I believe that if the scars were reduced by 10-20% with the red marks gone my face will look super clear.

My normal dermatologist, who helped me growing up and are really nice, would tell me that it only takes time. When acne makes your life horrible from the 7th grade through high school you don’t want to wait.

I decided to get a free consultation at a place called "Dermacare". They recommended I try 8 half-face sessions of MedLite. They said it would smooth out scaring, reduce pours and reduce red marks. $2k for 8 procedures + 4 microderms. (It was cheaper than I thought it would be)

I decide to research different lasers and this place is the first place I thought of. Iv read about 6 pages into the Fraxel laser and it seems good. But iv hardly seen anything on Medlite. A website iv read said its considered a “Polaris Laser� I also have an asian/light brown skin color and the woman said MedLite works just as well for them.

I have another pamphlet for another skin place that offers a Smoothbeam. Now I don’t have a lot of active acne now, its more the scars and marks I want to get rid of. Does anyone know if Fraxel or Smoothbeam reduce discoloration?

Thank you,

And Thanks for the regimen advice i received here even before registering

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i just went to a consult thursday, i was suggested a combo of vbeam and smoothbeam to get rid of redness (my scarring isnt too deep) and acne. the office also has medlite, but the doc never mentioned it.

the difference between the 2 is that one is for pigmented lesions (medlite), and the vbeam laser targets blood vessels underneath the skin that causes redness.

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Thanks for the reply.

The person i saw said the Medlite also targets blood vessles. :think: I think im going to this "Sensational Skin" place to see what they have to say about the Soothbeam stuff.

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i just had vbeam done a couple of days ago, if you search my threads you will find it. but the results are great so far, good luck with your situation, perhaps fraxel is the ultimate laser for scars but see how your skin react first to laser.

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