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I need surgery - will the scar be awful?

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I'm going to have an operation and I know you shouldn't have procedures to the skin while on accutane (laser resurfacing, dermabrasion etc.) but what about internal surgical procedures? I've only been on 10 mg per day but I'm seriously considering getting off it because of this surgery (I'm also paranoid about hair loss but that's a story for another thread :) ).

So while I haven't taken very much accutane, I am still worried that the incision line will scar and keloid or be hyper/hypopigmented. And do you think the internal tissues would have a better chance of scarring too or is it just the skin that is affected?

Anyone have any experience with this? This is my shoulder btw and I am very fair skinned. I'm going to ask my doctor but sometimes I think it's more helpful to hear from people who have experienced it themselves.

Thanks everyone.

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You really need to consult your derm.

My derm is not only a derm, he is also a board certified cosmetic surgeon.


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I would probably stop taking it. definitely talk to your derm. you can probably start accutane again once you have healed from the surgery.

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im having a hernia repaired and the suregeon knows im on accutane...i hope :)

anyway, my point is that if im having a muscle repaired, you probally will be fine unless its major

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