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A Simple fast FREE regime!!

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Moojamba's Ultimate Fast Cheap Regime can now be found here. Click!

For reference, here is a copy of the new regime - but please use the link above to read and reply to it. This old regime thread is effectively now dead.

:dance: Get rid of your acne in 2 weeks. (same skin type as me might apply) :dance:

After almost a year of posting my previous regime post, I've only modified it a tiny bit, but enough to warrant a whole new post.

Moojamba's Ultimate Regime:




(most important! Take without fail!)


(recommended, but optional) Morning and Night - soak/submerge your face in slightly hotter than warm water. (60 seconds) AND give your face a quick rinse around 5pm, after work or school.


Use NO soap, NO chemicals, NO shampoo on your face.

That's it. Do it and see.

The Explanation. Part I. The Apple Cider Vinegar


It's come to my attention, and I give credit to previous posters who have also flagged up the benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV), that this is the truest miracle working for acne in the world. When you start your regime, if you have lots of spots, hit them hard and start off with 4 teaspoons of ACV a day. That's 2 in the morning, before you brush your teeth, and 2 at night, before you brush your teeth.

THIS IS THE STUFF!! Get it cheaper at Sainsburys, Tesco, Etc. Or Find exact equivilant if you're in the USA. Should be common. Make sure its organic though.

The ACV seems absolutely vital in ripping through your digestive system and doing something positive about the amount of grease you produce, which makes it way to your face, back and wherever else you get acne. Yes, even Bacne is much limited! I used to suffer painfully from huge lumps. Now after months of this regime (and it kicked in FAST) I can only see a few very faded red marks. It's brilliant.

In England, the ACV will cost you about £1.20 a month. That's it. That's your total cost for this regime. ONLY buy the organic ACV. All the major supermarkets sell the correct one which is: "ASPALL Organic Cyder Vinegar" so buy it TODAY! And for those of you who think it tastes absolutely fowl - I agree. However everytime I take it and it makes me wince, I imagine it tackling my acne with similar force, so that makes me alot happier.

As for how to take the ACV, I've experiemented with that too. -Keep it in the fridge! I found this makes the flavour easier to bear, when its chilled. When it's warm at room temperature its revolting! The chill minimises the taste. Secondly, get a cup of water (or juice) ready at the same time. Now fill your teaspoon with ACV, lower your head forward and pop it into the front of your mouth by your teeth. (It's not corrosive for the short time it's in there.) By putting it in your mouth this way, it won't hit your taste buds and you won't be able to taste it. Now sip in some water, stick your head back and drink it down. Alot of you will think it's no problem at all. I'm just elaborating for those who need it. -By the way, its alot easier to take it neat this way (direct off a spoon) that mixing it with a glass of water, because they you're forced to drink a whole cup of disgusting flavoured water down, which lasts much longer.

A bottle should last you about one per month. You can tailor the amount of ACV you are having each day, according to how well your spots are doing. As said, start of with 4 teaspoons a day to see MAXIMUM EFFECT. If you find you are drastically clearing up within the first week, it's going well. This should be the case. Once your acne has really calmed down, and you aren't even getting any more - now you can ease off the ACV but still keep taking it. I would experiement, and start taking only 3 teaspoons a day. Then gradually, 2 teaspoons a day. Finally (and I've lasted on this for 2 months now) just ONE teaspoon a day. It's strong stuff! But do make sure you hit it with 4 teaspoons when you start off. The same if your well into this regime and you miss a few nights (never miss) - make up for it by hitting your system with about 3 or 4 the next day. It'll really help.

An example:

Recently I missed a few days of the regime, for whatever reason. Suddenly one morning I woke up with spots. SPOTS?! How strange, I’d almost forgotten what they were as I just hadn’t had any in months! So I made sure to start taking my 1 teaspoon a night ACV again. But a few days later, those spots weren’t gone, and they worse still, they were spreading! Here’s my chance, I thought. To prove whether this ACV really works fast wonders or not… The other night, I took 2 teaspoons of ACV at night. Then yesterday (the next morning), I took 2 full teaspoons of ACV in the morning, and 2 at night before I went to bed. Today what is the result? Not only have NO new spots come up, but the others have dried up and are fading fast. There was even one of those deep annoying ones starting to come up yesterday, but today? It’s dying down underneath. Incredible. The ACV is a miracle worker. Forget it’s use as a cooking substance, take the damn thing for acne!

The Explanation. Part II. Submerging your face in hot water, twice daily


Yes, this is the much-gone over routine as outlined for my first regime posted on this website. I still stick to it, most definitely. If you’ve already tried it, and it DOSEN’T work for you – drop it. You’ll know within one week if soaking your face, twice a day in hot water works for you or not. It works perfectly for me.

If you are going to try this… so many people have worried over little aspects of it. How clean, pure is the water, what temperature etc. It needs to be warm, that’s for sure. Cold water does nothing. Nor does the brief water encounter you have in a shower do anything. (although the steam helps a little. But if you have nothing to release out the pours in the first place, why try so hard to open them etc)

My bathroom sink is pretty big, hence I borrowed and now permanently own, a red cooking bowl just slightly bigger than my head, from the kitchen downstairs. Morning and night I fill this up with hot water from the tap, about ¾. So hot I can’t put my finger in. Now I keep the cold water tap running into the bowl until I can hold one finger in for 3 seconds. That is MY perfect temperature. For you though, something less hot might be better. You have to play around with it.

NEVER: Go a day without washing your face. Always use warm water. If possible, always, very important, wash your face around 5pm when you are home from work or school, to clean all the pollution or general air crap and sweat off. You’ll get used to it. For me, its definitely not overwashing. It’s perfect, and I notice the effect if for a few days, I miss my 5pm wash.

The Explanation. Part III. No Soap. No Chemicals. (No Drugs)


I know a lot of you are on them, and if you “think†they’re working for you, that’s great. I’ve tried them all, and certainly the chemicals were useless and left my skin looking red and irritated. As for the ro-accutane prescription drug, that left my face flaking like a Christmas tree, and bad back pains with other nasty side effects! Stay clear in my opinon. –I wish often I could travel back to my teenager years (I’m 22 now) and trash all my chemicals and drugs. I’d go buy a bottle of ACV, take my X teaspoons a day, wash my face 3 times a day (morning, 5pm and night) and then watch the reaction as my skin healed right up and grease production went way down. It would have been great.

The reason I stress NO chemicals or Soap on your skin, is because the ACV will tackle your acne from the inside. This will have the biggest impact on your skin on the outside! Thus, by adding chemicals etc to your skin, you’ll just aggravate it and totally do it no favours. Skip them all for 3 weeks I say, and try this entire regime. (But essentially, try the ACV if you do NOT want to try the face submerging)


Diet, Exercise and Drinking lots of Water: It’s always good if you can do these things, but I’m not great at any of them, so I can vouch that they aren’t critical. Just don’t eat at McDonalds *everyday*.


“Wow, your skin’s looking good!†Says my sister recently, who I haven’t seen in months.

“Thanks.†I say. “I’ve finally finally perfected my regime, after all these years. The secret ingredient is the Apple Cider Vinegar (organic). It’s just cleared me right up!â€

…she runs out the door to buy some!

Good Luck Everyone – from Moojamba. Hope to hear about everyone’s success! Sorry if I am unable to reply to everyone's messages. I'll keep an eye out.


(For reference, this was the old regime)

--For newcomers, this new regime is simple, and working fast with people who are trying it! (read through the 100 replies and over 3000 views, and you'll see why.) It requires nothing more than a sink+hot water+acne.


* Soak your face for 60-100 seconds in a sink full of hot water. Morning, and Night.

* Do this BEFORE taking a shower, if you are about to shower

* Wash your face just with hot water (not a soak) when you get home from school, work etc. To clean if off.

* Try to avoid all soaps, moisturisers and other topicals (this is an all natural solution - with less irritation)

* Try this at least 4 days WITHOUT missing a soak or midday wash.

* May work best for VERY oily skin


* Many of you will be on CSR, BP, ACCUTANE, MOISTURISER etc. Religiously.

* If you're in a regime already and want to try something fresh, dump all your current stuff and try the ideal one described above. If you only want to try this but include your current regime, then you may find your skin dries out *too* much, so I would advise on cutting down the soak lengths, but experiement with it first to get your skin in balance.


* Soaking your pores really gives them time to clean out, gets the blood flowing and gets the gunk out fast

* Seems to heal them faster too, cuts down on oil

* Makes non-acne areas of your skin very vibrant

(My original Post:)

Now, we all have different skin types, and different types of Acne. There are so many regimes, some work better for people, some don't work at all. But here is mine!

So, like everyone else here - I've had moderately bad acne since an early teenager, and tried everything under the sun to fix it. From diet, acutane, soaps etc. But finally I think I've found the perfect solution - for me. I'd like you guys to try it also if you think it'll help you too, and let me know you're progress. I've been so amazingly pleased with my own progress that I really want it to work wonders for you too.

(get on with it then!! geez)

Morning time:

fill your bathroom sink up with very warm water, same as shower temperature. (but not scalding hot!!) Stick your face COMPLETELY into the water and keep it there for just over a minute (count to 60 seconds, taking breaths every 10)

Night time:

do exactly the same.

-that's it. I swear, after everything I've tried, this has made the fastest clean up of my face ever! And almost zero spots have come up since doing this for one week. And the only ones dried up, shrunk and the marks are fading rapidly!!

Additions to my regime:

If you're happy to take this very simple effective regime up one extra notch, then I would also suggest that half way through your day, say maybe 5/6pm, wash your face with warm water, but you don't need to soak it. Finally -- If you are about to take a shower, do this regime in addition! And do it before your shower! I'm serious, do a 60 second intensive soak, then hit the shower. It will really maximise the washing/steam potential of the shower afterward.

The theory:

Holding your face deep in the warm water (which feels nice anyway) forces your clogged oily pores to be seriously cleaned, and fast. The warm water gets blood flowing in your face which helps heal old scars also, and drys the rest of your pores out so the oil is gone!

Skin Types

Speaking only for myself - I have always had very oily skin, the worst being my nose. I've heard so many people say that such and such a regime will dry your face up too bad, etc. But I often find that with the level of oil my skin produces, drying it up to such an extent just balances it out, because it greases itself back up within a matter of hours anyway. So why not take it to excess. -If you find your skin is oily, this sink submerge routine should really do the trick! And saves messing around with all those silly drugs and chemicals.

How fast does it work?

This summer, I had to do some filming for a TV project. I'd had a horrible amount of acne which was around the lower part of my face, like chin and mouth. Seriously, it hadn't gone away for maybe 2 months. Every day, new ones would come up. Old ones wouldn't heal. The disgusting white stuff would constantly build up and every day there would be new ones to tackle. It almost drove me nuts, apart from the fact that I was so used to such a condition. --Anyway, I decided I need to do something radical for this filming. Let me tell you - two days into my new face-soaking regime, no new spots were coming up, the rest were dying down FAST and in parts of my face with no spots - my complexion was getting great! People even commented on it!

So to recap... people, if you haven't tried this yet, and even if you think it sounds far fetched, please please try it because its working so well for me. I couldn't be happier. If anything, its getting addictive. Simply soak your face in a sink full of very warm water for about 60 seconds (longer if you can - about 100 seconds) then repeat this at night. And give your face a quick few spashes of warm water half way through your day, just to wash off all the germs and crap from the air that will have acculmulated already. Do this for one week, or even about four days... then come back here and tell me your results. And forget using all that other crap your using. We weren't created to have chemicals stuck all over our face.

The downside is... perhaps you'll find your face gets a little too dry. If so, soak for less time time morning and night. But experiement with my 60second times first. The other thing is -- keep your eyes shut tight when you dip into the water! The warm temperature will really dry your eyes out. (doesn't last too long, but is avoided if you keep them shut.)

Please let me know how you get on with this. I just feel I've been too lucky with my own success of this, not to see other people also have the same.

F**k acne.

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-yeah, you might feel like a dumbass, bent over with your head stuck into a sink full of water. But who cares? It's better than being stood there swabbing chemicals all over your face every day, and only noticing slight improvement. And self confidence comes in leaps and bounds when you've got a great complexion.

-and another thing I forgot to add. My nose must be the oilest part of my face and has always had really bad blackheads. In the last week, these have gotten the faintest I've ever seen! And the state of my nose is usually a good indication of how the rest of my face is doing.

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Many of you probably think he sounds crazy, but I actually think this could work! :think:

The only reason I'm not starting it is because I just began the CSR. But once my acne becomes less severe, I will definitely try this. :)

If anyone decides to do this, post before and after photos. :lol:

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alright, here is the total truth:

If your skin is like mine, your pores get clogged, you have new spots coming up every day, they're impossible to control and you've tried everything under the sun to get your face to look good. I've had everything from HUGE bulges deep down under my skin which made me look like I was punched in the face, to tiny white heads, to black heads. I'm not great with the terminology, but I know i've had everything and it all sucks. It's just a total imbalance of oil, and skin is sensitive, so putting all those chemicals on them may do something ( ? ) but they'll also have negative side effects, and won't do a brilliant natural job.

I started my regime exactly seven days ago from today. Last Saturday. (I had filming to do on the Monday night) I had about 8 blothy spots around my jaw and into my cheeks, which were NOT going away. They'd been there for about 7 weeks. My current routine at the time was using a harsh sponge morning and night to wash my face, and I was also using $8 Pore Perfect stuff at the time, morning and night. That did an okayish job I think. It kept the oil production down without making my face feel really dry, but I did still get spots.

Anyway, I ran out of this stuff, and wasn't totally satisifed with it. I just wanted to do something brash with my face in the last hopes of cleaning up my acne, or having SOME effect on it, before doing my filming. Several years ago, I was really into the whole facial steaming thing with one of those cheap personal ones you can get for £15. I used to do it morning and night, 15minutes a go, just to get some improvement. To some degree it did very well, but my face was always very red from then on. -- So anyway, at just a few days before my filming, I filled the sink up with hot water, added some cold water to a better temperature, bent down and stuck my face into the water. Like taking a bath face down, except that its only for 60 seconds. (Although I pushed for about 120 seconds). It's even pretty fun, and not messy. After my soak, I emptied the sink, splashed vigorously with fresh warm water a few times to clean my face off one last time, and I was done. Quick, simple, and FREE!

Just two days later, I could already see a BIG improvement. For starters - no new spots sprung up, and the old ones had no REFILLED the next day! I was amazed to see this...

The day of my filming came, I was looking considerably better (plus a s**t load of makeup ontop helped anyway) so then I just kept on with the regime. By the end of the week, my face was looking great, healing up FAST and also only just a few tiny tiny spots were coming up! So yes, there were still spots, but so tiny they were just silly. In fact, after one soak, they were usually emptied, dried out and vanished by next day. Definately worth it. I'd truthfully say, that in the seven days I've simply been soaking my face morning and night, Ive had about 7% the outbreak that I'm used to. And so far, its stayed this way. With the rest of my face really benefiting from the soaking too. There is a real radience about the skin! I've never seen it with any of the chemicals or drugs.

One little test I do... when I have acne about to build up on my face, I can usually feel it. Often in the morning after waking up and looking in the mirror, I could move my face about, and feel small lumps and weird feelings in different places, and I KNEW when I'd get to the mirror, that YEP - this would be a newcomer. Little bastards! Since doing my soak regime however, every day I've woken up and done this initial test, I've felt nothing. And definately nothing BIG is brewing either.

So people, no matter how silly it sounds, I'm telling you, for just four days - take your oily pores, submerge them twice a day in as warm water as you can - and let the water TOTALLY engulf them for 60 seconds or longer. Firstly, with the heat, it'll help wash out the microscopic gunk. Secondly, it dries up all the oil (for a good period of time) and Thirdly, damn, it sure seems to heal old acne blemishes and makes the rest of your normal skin look pretty rosy in the process. -Now when you compare that to splashing your face a few times a day with water, and throwing on some chemicals for a few seconds, it's not nearly as intense.

Just wash your DAMN PORES OUT good and propper with a simple SOAK!! And leave all that other commercial rubbish behind. -And did you never notice how playing in the salty sea when you were younger helped quite a bit too? It certainly worked for me. This must be along a similar principal, except without the salt. -Although anyone experiementing could certainly add some if they wished.

I'm telling you, this regime is as simple as it gets. And you might even end up with better looking skin that everyone else out there with a good complexion! But I want to hear YOUR results. Don't boo-hoo it until you've tried it for about four days. -And make sure that half way through your day you give your face a wash too. Have you got any idea how much pollution and crap is in the air that clings to you and probably doesn't help? And we all avoid touching our face like the plague, but we still do it - and it seems acne-prone people develop it really quick after germs spread to our face too. Or it does in my case. (When I was younger, I used to rest my hand on my chin during school, and always had bad acne coming up right in that place. I'd prod it around and agrivate it very fast in the process. Then one day I said NO MORE, and I never developed that type of acne again. -So all i'm saying is give your face that extra mid-day wash, cos it's still had hours to acculmulate other stuff.)

--I read on the internet that warm water seriously gets the blood circulating in your face and speeds up the healing process to things. I think that's definately true. Hence the speed of old acne healing and fading so fast on my face with this new regime.

Well, I'll keep you all posted. As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about. Starting university this week - and want to look my best.

Once again, f**k acne.

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-and for those of you starting on the Acutane drug (I think it was this I used for about 6 months, i can't remember now) it was awful. I developed a bad back pain, my face dried out so bad that it flaked off all day by the end of 6 months, and that was MORE embarresing than the original acne. Totally not worth it. And I believe a serious health warning came with the drug too.

So everyone out there at your wits end, take vengenance on your pores and just drown the f**kers in some nice warm water for a bit instead. Show 'em whos boss, then go out and meet the world with confidence. (Oh and make sure you're hair looks good too. Girls? If you're interested in the straight-hair look, Boots sells a new controversial Japenese Thermal rebonding product too which chemically straightens your hair to pin-straight. So no more hair-irons etc. And stays straight for about 5 months. It's simply called Boots Straighten and is about £15. -Also good for guys who want Anime style hair. -Not good for certain hair types though, so experiement.)

ALso wear good clothes...

Also get your teeth whitened... ONLY with Crest Whitestrips or (USA) Rembrant Whitening Strips, -both available online. All those whitenening toothpastes and supermarket products do nothing but con you. Afterall, even a toothbrush with water on it will technically whiten your teeth, by brushing off remains of whatever was last on them. But does that actually mean serious whitening? Nope. That's why almost any product can claim it whitens. If you want actual white teeth like American actors have on TV, you have to do some bleaching, which is pretty effective and inexpensive. Look on Ebay for the imported products.

(I'm into TV production etc. I take notice of superficial things and get excited when some of them work. So this includes hair styling, acne treatment, teeth whitening etc. -All that and I'm not even gay. What a waste, huh.)

...and having said EVERYTHING i've said, if my routine doesn't work out for you, or I find myself within a week or so that this routine is suddenly going down hill for me, at least the ride has been fun... but I do hope it lasts. It's finally the quickest, easiest thing I've ever done to help combat acne, and I've been trying to do that since 13.

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As the ultimate test, I'm tempted to replicate a normal-persons skin regime for a few weeks. See if my acnes comes racing back, take pictures, then see if this new face-submergine regime is really doing as well as I think it is.

The only problem with that... I'm starting uni this week, and with my face looking better now than it has done in months, I don't really want to default back to having acne again. But knowing me, I may try...

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I'm glad this has helped you, and thank you for sharing it. This is interesting. Sometimes results can be found with simple things. Can I ask, when you mention the washing with a simple soap at night, would this be before or after the soak? And if one was to not use soap, what would you suggest for those who wear make-up?

I like the simpleness of this, but I do worry about dryness and the lack of a clean feel. What do you think?

Do you use any products at all, make-up or not? From the sounds of it, it doesn't seem so, except for make-up during filming.

This does remind me of a basic steaming process (which I read you used to do), except the face is actually submerged in the water. Some recommend things like this with salt as well to help disinfect (and I know you talked about natural sea salt water).

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Firstly, yeah, I wrote a huge amount for just a simple solution. It's because a) I type really fast b) I like to "talk" c) When I'm enthusiastic about something, I go all out on it.

For your questions -- over the past week, I've used no soap at all and my face has been doing great. I've used nothing but water. BUT I am pushy, and the next thing I'll be trying is even adding soap to my regime, but only at nighttime. (If my face is really dried out from the soap at night, it makes no difference cos I'll be asleep while it's dry. But during the day, it will be uncomfortable) So yeah, I might start trying the soap at night soon, even though currently, there is no need.

Would I do soap before or after washing? I would totally do it before, definately not after. I believe the ultimate improvement of your skin comes with the good soak in water. Thats just what your pores really need, and it does dry them out. -Therefore wash your face FIRST with soap (if you're trying soap) then rinse it away. Then fill the sink up with warm water, and submerge for 60 seconds. The logic behind this? If the soap has already cleaned your face partly, the submerging will be even MORE effective! And I'm guessing probably too effective. -If youre desperate for this regime to work and want fast results, I would soap for the first two nights, in addition to the submerging regime, then just lose the soap and see how you go. Your skin probably won't know what hit it. -I just think all that dainty dabbing with mixtures and concoctions is futile, having done it all myself. (and yes, its a sad story that we all have to go to these extremes, but out bodies are obviously out of whack.)

As for makeup, since I've worn a bunch for filming, the only thing I've used to get it off has been (If you're in the USA) "Rubbing Alcohol" (Isoprphl) which is about $70 in any store. But if I was in Britain, I'm not sure what I would use. Probably just liquid soap, and a good sponge to clean it out. But do clean it out before you submerge your face in water, or you really won't particularly aid your pores by bathing them in filth. :)

--As for the similarity between this regime and steaming, steam is good for unclogging the pores to an extent, but the results I've achieve with submerging do it about 10 times faster, 10 times quicker and heal the rest of your face up fast as well! Do it yourself just for a few days, without any chemicals, and see the result for yourself. I can't promise anything, but if it's worked so well for me, we can't be all that different! Good luck! (and hey, at least you'll know within only a few days if this is doing anything for you!)

okay, so what about the dryness...

That may be a problem for some people. As of yet, my skin hasn't show any bad signs of being too dry. I think it greases up so fast, that it keeps itself lubricated. Which was causing so many spots. So, in all my regimes, I've never used moisturizer... but perhaps if some of your guys try this regime, find your spots are disappearing fast, but your skin is getting *too* dry, uncomfortable and flaky, then by all means, use some moisturizer after your morning soak, but try not too at night. (I have the feeling moisturiser is still gunk plugging up your pores unfortunately)

And for everyone with bad body acne in other parts, I would guess this regime would apply to just taking a regular bath. Personally, and maybe like the majority, I take showers only - because they are fast and less hassle.

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Thank you. :angel:

(No worries about the length by the way - it was interesting)

I'm using Dove Nutrium as a soap at the moment.

I think I may try this for a few days. I definitely think steaming in general is beneficial (and I do believe soaking could achieve quicker results, except for the potential drying effect). My skin has been a bit calmer the last two days, but my skin is like a rollercoster - up and down so tomorrow or the next couple of days, it willl begin getting worse again.

Another little concern I have that may sound silly is that the sink can get a little dirty so I suppose I would have to clean it first. I still worry a bit about the dryness, but also the possibility of encouraging the oil production. It's something that concerns me even now. The difficulty is my skin is oily but flaky too. It rarely feels balanced. I feel like I need to figure out a solution to this. I'm not sure if I could maybe use a bit of aloe vera. I am trying to drink more water.

It doesn't surprise me that this would be helpful but I'm unsure about the long-term.

But I think I will try this. In the morning, I will soak (no washing with soap) and maybe apply a dab of aloe vera (I'm not sure) and at night, wash quickly (with Dove or another gentle liquid soap, but no alcohol) and soak again. I will maybe start tonight but officially tomorrow and let you know how it goes. :angel:

P.S. I began a new thread today and wondered if you might have any feedback.


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Give it a week or two, you're face will be crazy dry. Water is very drying, which is why it's helping you intially. But let us know if you don't get dry after a couple weeks.

Good luck bud.

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Give it a week or two, you're face will be crazy dry. Water is very drying, which is why it's helping you intially. But let us know if you don't get dry after a couple weeks.

Good luck bud.

That's what I worry about. I do believe many of the products out there contain harmful ingredients but I still believe some may be simple but good. I like simplicity but worry that water alone will not be sufficient in the long run, or may end up actually irritating. But because the soak is only one minute and there is a splash during the day, it may not be as bad. I wonder if it could be good to spritz with a certain flower water at that point during the day. I may try to do this as a way of hydrating and nourishing.

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perhaps it comes down to a matter of balance. Take my regime, and work with it. If your skin is getting too dry, either decrease your soaking times, easy enough. Or add some moisturizer right after.

But bottom line, I'm positve that soaking your pores cleans them out SUPER fast and all natural. -The dryness you can suss out afterwards. Either way, you'll know how your skin reacts after a few days.

Personally, a week into this regime, I ran my finger down my face one second ago, (first time, just so I could comment) and it feels very smooth and very clean. Like after the equivilant of about 15mins steaming. But better.

Try this simple regime, then modify it to your own needs. It could be the perfect natural answer, that just needs a little personal tailoring.

-makes whiteheads come out effortlessly by the way. If they are small. I couldn't comment on really deep acne, because since doing this regime, i haven't had any. The only things which have occasionally come up are minute tiny things which have gone after about one soak.

Everyone try it! I'm even excited FOR you!! (That's why I wanna hear from you. Because unfortunately all my acne has cleared up in 7 days so I can't test it anymore.)

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perhaps it comes down to a matter of balance. Take my regime, and work with it. If your skin is getting too dry, either decrease your soaking times, easy enough. Or add some moisturizer right after.

But bottom line, I'm positve that soaking your pores cleans them out SUPER fast and all natural. -The dryness you can suss out afterwards. Either way, you'll know how your skin reacts after a few days.

Personally, a week into this regime, I ran my finger down my face one second ago, (first time, just so I could comment) and it feels very smooth and very clean. Like after the equivilant of about 15mins steaming. But better.

Try this simple regime, then modify it to your own needs. It could be the perfect natural answer, that just needs a little personal tailoring.

-makes whiteheads come out effortlessly by the way. If they are small. I couldn't comment on really deep acne, because since doing this regime, i haven't had any. The only things which have occasionally come up are minute tiny things which have gone after about one soak.

Everyone try it! I'm even excited FOR you!! (That's why I wanna hear from you. Because unfortunately all my acne has cleared up in 7 days so I can't test it anymore.)

I will try this and let you know how it goes. :angel:

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well not exactly. Having your pores surrounded by steam, isn't exactly the same as having them surrounded by water. I know their the same thing, but I still think the end result is a bit different.

Listen, its 11:50pm now, and I've just done my nightly face soak. My skin is looking great!! I'm so amazed! And when I look in a mirror, it looks *so* clean and peachy. And when I feel it, it is so smooth! I'm telling you, if you haven't tried this yet, it may do you wonders. I'm going nuts over it at the moment. No chemicals or anything! Just a damn good clean out. -And you know what else it makes me realise? Splashing your face a few times with water, or taking a light shower, really doesn't do a whole lot in comparison. But soaking your face is intensive! Even with my face in the water, I can feel my skin tightening up, I feel it changing, and any little tiny tiny spots i can feel giving out under the pressure. Naturally after I've done it, they are either empty, or you could just wipe them away with a tissue.

And don't bother with cold water to 'close your pores' up afterwards. I just wipe my face off with an ordinary hand towel. Any residue that's left is evaporated within a minute afterwards, and it feels great.

-And looking at the area around my lower jaw, where only a week ago I was covered in red blotches - they are all now very faded red marks, I have to look real close. And none of them are recurring. It's brilliant. :whistle: But I'll be happiest once I hear this has worked for someone else too. It's about time there was some quick definitive answer to this whole nightmare.

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If anyone did actually adopt this regime full time because it worked for them - I've thought up a simple way to get around the problem of your eyes being a little dry after your soak... well, either shut them tighter during it, or -- have a pair of swimming goggles handy, maybe even kept in the bathroom somewhere. Seriously, it may all sound bizarre, but what lengths are you willing to go to for a great normal complexion? -But the goggles thing, you pop them on, and that solves that problem immediately. Heck, you'll even be able to see under the water, not that looking around at the bathroom sink 2" away from your eyes is anything interesting. Surreal, maybe.

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im tryin this too.. ive tried everything.. why not? im still going to apply bp on at night though until my face stops breakin out.. but everything else i will do

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I'll try this one right now! (In addition to my CSR) Thanks for sharing!

Gonna do this in the morning and night before my CSR, seems pretty solid.

Did it earlier today and afterwords I could see the difference, the little white/blackheads had nearly vanishes, but the bigger blackheads under the skin etc become more noticeable. Those are what i'm going to fight with the CSR.

Overall this is a risk free method, and I would advise that anyone atleast try it, because this guy is right.

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Wow I actually tried it after I took a shower. I washed my face, and splashed water on it a few times to get rid of the cleanser so the water isn't polluted with it. Then I took the plunge for 60 seconds, and thought it wasn't hot enough. So I tried it again with hotter water. My skin feels great, its clean without being dry. Well, its been 15 minutes, so I have to put on BP. I'll comment on that later.

Edit- I forgot to mention that usually, when I wash my face, my face is very dry. For some reason, through this method, its not. I think maybe its because it gets rid of all residual cleanser that could have still been on my face. Or the fact that my hands aren't mauling at my face. I'll keep everyone posted to see if this continues, and its effect on my acne.

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Hmmmm I am definitely going to try this. BP makes my skin really red and irritated which completely defeats the purpose. For me most of my acne comes from clogged pores and irritated pores. Hopefully this will work without giving any irritation, which has been killing my face.

BTW my skin sounds just like yours, it gets oily really fast. Like I can get a whitehead in a few hours >_<

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