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UcomeB4U's log

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well, i've been doing dan's regime for about 5 or so months:

2wice a day:

purpose cleansing gel


purpose lotion

-or- if i'm gonna wear makeup

clearasil lotion

-after a day's work-

queen helene's mint julupe mask

st.ives apricot scrub cloth

st. ives alpha hydroxy peel off masque


mac studio fix powder <-- love it, natural color, and easy to put on

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Today: i have a zit on my nose, it's been there for about prolly 4 days now. lol. it sucks, but i will have to smile and bare it.

i have a zit on the left side of my cheek also.

+ my skin has gotten oily overnight due to using the peel off masque. it happens.

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Today: things are still quite the same. My skin doesn't heal as fast as it used to. Scars take longer to fade. Which sucks.

Trying to drink more water. For breakfast I had salsa and chips. I wonder whether the hotness and spicyness will have any effect on my skin. lol. Like kill the acne bacteria.

I have school again tommorow. Hope nothing erupts on my face. O:) O:) O:)

Here's a link to my experience on using Proactiv.

Been thinking.. my skin really isn't that BAD anymore. But I still consider myself suffering from acne. Do other people see me as this way? I am too self concious?

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I really like Dan's regime. I bet he's got a lot of karma for this. biggrin.gif/

Well last night I decided to pop that zit on my nose---again. Hahahhaha. Man, talk about flying projectiles. It was a good decison on my part, as the lump of insanity has shruken down considerably, and I don't feel too much of a freak.. which is always good.

Today was a good day of school. Met an old friend, she asked me how many bf's have I had since. She said, 5? I said hahaha, just two. I find it hard to get close to guys... ya know acne was/is a big variable.

Well what sucks is that a couple of new little shits (aka bumps) have poppped up on my face. One by my nose. Geez, those sucks. But it looks like it's gonna go away. It's not sore or anything, and that IS ALWAYS a good thing.

Been drinking lots of water. So much water I pee like no less than 8 times a day. No kidding. biggrin.gif

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Today was aiiiiiiiite. Got home, put on BP, got called to go out, got lazy, slapped on makeup over the BP.

Usually I never do that.

The zit on my nose has turned into a scar. I will never have a normal nose because there are 3 other scars from 3 other preexisting zits. Damn it, it ain't going away. Deal with it.

I have a new crush.

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](*,) ](*,) sad.gif

It's beeen quite awhile since I've been back here. Well things have gotten better, yet ..

I have a big zit on the tip of my nose. I felt it coming up on Friday while at work. Well over the weekend it incubated to become the ugliest thing ever. I decided to pop it yesterday using a needle (sterlized, of course). It's gone down but there's angry redness that is my nose. Fuck, I feel so ugly with this nose. I already have 2 bumps from previous zits that have gone, yet I get further humliated with this one. WTF? This is even bigger.

God, sometimes I feel I am being tested, but I look in the mirror and sometimes really want to end my life.

It's not difficult for me to admit anymore that the reason why I want to look good is not because I'm vain, but it gives me confidence.

I feel like a freak.

I ordered Dermablend on Thurs (before the zit came up), and the concealor came in the mail today. It looks ok, has great coverage, but this fucking bump on my nose isn't going anywhere.

I seriously hate my nose. Will go chemical peel you!

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