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hey everyone, i'm new here, just registered.. been bouncing around the boards for quite some time. O:)

i'm 18 from houston, just started college this fall. last 2 yrs of highschool, my acne was at its worst: absolutely killed anything that included social activities, and i skipped a number of days too. haha. but i must say that highschool is its own time warp..there is a bigger world out there than highschool.

meanwhile, college has been good.. my skin's cleared up after going under dan's regime again for about 5 months now. and although i still break out every now and then (around menstrual cycle, but only a couple of zits).. it sucks, but I look back at highschool and say...ya know what, it could be hella worse.

having experienced acne, i'm more aware of other people's skin..and in college there's a lot of people with skin problems also. this is wayyy different from my high school where i felt so isolated in my problem.

i still have low self esteem from time to time, and it sucks because i don't want to be a vain person... but my mood fluctuates incredibly with the way i look.

we are so harsh on ourselves

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strange how people all over the world and from all ages, sexes, races whatever feel the same when they have acne. Welcome on this message board btw biggrin.gif

hope you can find a lot of information here, and you can have a good time posting and communicating here,

cu around

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