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Kizza's log

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Day 1, 24/9/06

I've had acne since 9 years old. I have tried alot, the usaul creams, ant-biotics and soaps. Until about 3 months ago when I went to my docter and was referred to a Dermatoligist I had never heard of roaccutane, I've read alot of mixed reports on it but I've just gotta keep positive :dance: lol. I'm 5.10, 90kgs and 14, The dermatoligist said I should start of with 2 tablets a day then move on to 4 tablets for 8 months. I hope I dont need another dosage as footy seasons starts back up in march and I'm supposed to finish treatment around then so lets hope it works succesfully.

I took my first tablet this morning, felt my skin dry up quickly. Went out to the footy with some mates. Was a bit windy so my skin was realy dry. I fell sleep on my mates couch no idea if that has anything to do with the tablets or the late night before lol :wall: Came home and got a headache felt a bit moody. After second dose my nose and lips were realy dry.

Sory if its bit to long to read lol.

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Day 2

Wow, I felt like crap last night. Couldent sleep and was realy worried about taking the drug. Mainly becuase of the side effects. Had a chat with mum and dad now I'm fine. Woke up with bad joint pain and a sore nose felt exactly like a cold. Had a shower and washed with this new soap and then put this moistriser/sunscrean stuff on my face/neck and arms. I've notice having trouble focusing and I'm getting head aches once in a while.

Day 3

Woke up with sore nose and joint pain again. I forgot to put sunscreen on my arms so it looks like I got a mad ass tan lol :clap: Had a headache and had trouble focusing again. Freinds have said my skin looks heaps dry and my pimples are comming out or something. Not looking forward to the initail break out period.

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