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I'm new to this board, and I've been reading up a lot on the "Acne Cure," but does it cure the red marks left behind from the breakout, or do I have to wait months for the red marks to go away?

I'm thinking of starting on the acne cure. What are the products that you guys use? I live in Canada; how much are the products and which place offers the cheapest price on those products?

Thanks a lot!


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BP doesn't cure red marks (to the best of my knowledge). i noticed that some of my red marks started fading after using clinique's anti-blemish solutions cleanser to cleanse my face everytime when i have make-up on. seems to me the salicylic acid is doing the job. however, i dare not recommend u to use the cleanser because of this, as i think the cleanser can be a bit harsh for twice-a-day usage. currently i'm using eucerin's impure skin cleanser every morning followed by neutrogena on-the-spot but i just started doing so. therefore i'm still at a stage of experimentation.

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1 more thing nightKid, the Eucerin cleanser contains salicylic acid too. Clinique's anti-blemish solutions cleanser was recommended to me for removing make-up. speaking from real experience; BP doesn't help heal my red marks.

as for your B5 query, sorry, i don't take B5; so i don't dare to say anything. O:)

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I just posted my routine on 2 other sites in this forum and that routine, which uses bp faded all my red marks within a week. I have read here that bp bleaches the skin so that might be it or the sa and aha or all of the above but all marks are gone. Anyway, it also helped fade sun damaged skin that the derm. told me could only be helped with laser.

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I am on week 12 of the following and have been 100% clear for several weeks:


Neutrogena oil-free acne wash (I love this stuff)

Walgreens alpha hydroxy lotion

Eucerin Renewal

all done the acne cure way


Neutro oil free wash

lots of bp (ala Dan)


for those of you who think you hate the Neutro oil-free wash try it the acne cure way, I was amazed at the difference

(a dime size dollop, few drops water, rub on face, let sit for a couple minutes, rinse off, amazing-do the same with the aha lotion)

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