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Just ditched the regimen

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I had bad acne a year ago and it was very puzzling because I never broke out this bad ever in my life. My whole family has perfect skin from my parents, my 14 year old brother and my 23 year old sister. I am the middle child at 19 and it was very depressing and discouraging to see that I got hit with acne. Im convinced it was something I did, but I changed my habits and adopted the regimen.

I tried to avoid the sun as much as possible because I suggested that maybe me spending a week in Hawaii with no sunscreen and 110 degree weather might of caused my acne. I worked out also so therefore I took excess iodine in my protein bars and multivitamin. When I started using the regimen I saw results fast. It was a miracle for me because I started clearing up. But I guess I hit that "wall" because my acne starting coming back and my face looked like shit because I think the BP bleached my damn face. Acne scars looked especially bad because of my light face.

I stopped using the regimen and everytime I saw a pimple I would use the reigmen again until I had to acne. But after consideration I just told myself I cant keeping doing this because Ill never achieve my goals like this. I remember when I would get a zit and when it scarred afterwards, I would leave it alone and it would be gone in a couple of months. So I ditched the regimen and just used Cetaphil Bar Soap. I am going out in the sun a little more, and my face is getting to my normal color (wow I can celebrate that my face matches the color of my body!?!?! thats sarcasism). My leftover 1 or 2 pimples and going away and my face looks much better. I think I can finally achieve my goal in due time. I use mandelic acid at night on problem scar areas and I really think in 2 months I will be 100% acne free more importantly acne scar free.

What Im saying is that I think my acne was a one time thing only because never in my life have I had acne. I know people say you can start breaking out in your 20s but I dont think that is me. I think it was a thing I did in the past. I cant have hormonal acne, because no one in my family has it, even cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. The regimen was great when I had acne, but with a zit or two problem I dont think it was, I was just delaying my healing process by putting stuff on my face 24/7.

I guess I just want a second opinion on this. And Im not degrating the regimen, because it was awesome when I needed it most. But do you people think BP slows down the healing process for scars?

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I've had very light acne for most of my teenage years, but when i turned 19 i got it a little worse. I tried Salycic acid and the BP regimen, but the BP especially made me break out worse(i know it's common, but i don't have the patience) plus it left me with more blemishes that made me look worse, as well as having a redish tint. So, now all i do is wash my face twice a day and just try and be happy that i only have a light case and hope for the best. Worrying about it all the time just made me too self-concious and that's no way to spend your early 20's.

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