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Lac hydrin five users...please answer me this

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Did you become dry within the first few days of using it?

I'm way past the dry flakey part of the regimen, but seeing as how my Eucerin is running out I went to get Lac Hydrin Five.

The first time I used it, I felt fine but I discovered later my skin had started flaking for the first time in a long time? Any idea why?

To give you an example of how it is I'll describe some scenarios.

BEFORE I used Lac Hydrin Five I used Eucerin. It would go on fine and hydrate well

After I switched to Lac Hydrin, I've become really dry as of late after washing and it barely takes a minute for my face to get tight. I'll apply the BP and it will be dry within literally seconds. Then I'll put on the lac hydrin five and initially it will feel as though it's hydrating, but about 5 minutes later my face feels dry. Later on, my face starts to get flakey.

Does anyone want to explain why after a year of the regimen, Lac Hydrin Five brings me back to square one with flaking and dryness? I haven't flaked for months and I find this quite rediculous

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Which Eucerin were you using? Perhaps this is because of changing products... though skin flaking because of BP can sometimes be very random for some people - it can come and go and some products could work for you while others suck.

Tell us everything you are using.

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-neurtogena extra gentle cleanser

-dans bp

-lac hydrin five, and now in the mornings i use nivea for men protective lotion, it keeps off flakes pretty good.

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For the past year I was using Purpose, Dans BP gel and Eucerin Skin Renewal with AHA, the recommended one.

I switched only the Eucerin to Lac Hydrin and all of a sudden I get flakes which, like I said earlier, I hven't had for months.

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I have two thoughts.

You can try using more LHF, see if that helps.

On the other hand, Lac-Hydrin Five has 5% lactic acid, whereas the Eucerin Skin Renewal had only 2%. LHF may be too strong for you and causing over-exfoliation. You may have to play around with the amount you are using and see if that helps, or consider another moisturizer altogether.

You might consider trying Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. See if that works.

Hope this helps!

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