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went to the derm today....

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every time i come out of a derms i feel ten times worse than when i went in. i truly believe the source of all my problems is a hormone imbalance (23 yr old, female) and suggested to the doctor that birth control might be the answer. i only get deep below the surface zits in my jaw and neck. i do have blackheads around my nose but my forehead is pretty much clear.

despite my pleas, i get this:

differin gel



plexion ts

he said to use duac and differin 2 nights a week for 2 weeks. then increase differin to each night then duac.

i told him that i had good expierence with the plexion mask and instead he perscribes plexion ts which he said is a spot treatment.

he said to wash face with something gentle, leave skin damp and apply moisturizer (he suggested aveeno ultra calming spf 15), then apply pea sized amount of duac and differin. i was under the impression you should apply moisturizers last. and doesn't mixing duac and differin seem a bit excessive?

what the hell?

i have highly sensitive skin. i dont take well to antibiotics. all i have is massive red marks around the jaw line.

i dont know if i should do this.. anyone had a similar prescription?

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Sounds like quite a lot of stuff that he prescribed to you! From what I have read, you are supposed to put the retinoid on clean skin - before moisturizer or topical antibiotics or BP. I was on Differin for about 8 wks, and it didn't work for me. But, the regimen my derm gave me was to apply Differin at night and my topical antibiotic during the day. He didn't give me any specific advice about moisturizer though. I think the main thing is to avoid irritating your skin. By starting with the Differin gradually, you may avoid this problem. Did he say how long you should take to work up to leaving it on all night?

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Last time I went I got prescribed all of these things except duac. Plexion and Solodyn are expensive!! Yeah, I always moisturize after applying medication. I think differin and duac are prescriped together fairly often. I didn't ramp up my differin usage at all, I just started using it every night. If your skin is sensitive Differin IS supposed to be pretty gentle, which I guess is why it didn't matter that I didn't ramp it up. I forget about Duac though( it's been so long since I've used it ).

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