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Sept. 2006 Pediatric Journal

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Well my dad is a ped and he gets the scientific journal for pediatrics every month. This month they had an article on acne research, which is the most up to date treatment recommended. Their research supported BP as an effective method, especially in that bacterial cannot grow resistant to it. Yet they found the best results with the following methods.

Mild Acne:

Retin-A or similar topical cream at night with BP in the morning.

Moderate Acne:

Retin-A or similar topical cream at night with BP in the morning. In addition take oral medication such as tetracyclin, doxycyclin or similar product until acne is lessened then continue with topical applications.

Severe Acne:


I paraphrased greatly but this is what their general recommendations were. Personally i have been on regiment for 6 weeks and my acne has improved i guess but still lots of red marks. I am going to add AHA in the morning through a moisturizer and if my skin doesn't clear up after the 8-9 week mark i will go to the Pediatric journal's recommendations and see how that works out.

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Excellent post, thanks for sharing that!

Several people are keeping regimen logs (see the Topical Retinoid Logs subforum) about their experiences using Retin A at night and BP in the morning. It does seem to work well.

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Also some other random stuff i forgot to add, i really wish i could upload the 10 or so pages but first of all no scanner and its probably not legal haha.

It stated also that if you don't see improvements within 4-8 weeks to try a different antibiotic, there are so many more resistant strains of acne now that some antibiotics will work while others wont. One of the main things it stressed through out the article is that the main problem in most patients who receive treatment is sticking with it, they found that the majority of people with whom this method didn't work with was due to them not applicating the medication properly.

For random info you might want, the study was done on test subjects in 2003 over the period of a year or so. With the reccomended treatment it was something around 70% with a major improvement of their acne(75% or more lower count of acne postules) over the treatment period. 10% saw this improvement with no treatment over the test subjects.

They also had tests with many other methods and this was basically their conclusion of the best way. The rest of the article mainly dealed with explaining how all of these method's work.

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