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Sgt Pepper

What do you think? (photo's)

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It looks like you have a little active acne and some red marks... I suggest going to the scar treatment forum and read up on the tape/lemon methods to help with that - I would strongly suggest staying on the regimen... out of interest how much bp are you using? and what %?

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My skin is a bit like that, ive got a small area where i got that blotchy thing going on. Im hoping that it would just go away over time [-o<

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:-k wow ur face looks exactly like mine almost identical ...

im still on the regimen week 5-6 i think 2.5%bp

i use to have twice as much acne on the right side of my face opposed to the left which was pretty clear to begin with

after using the regimen for this time is seems like the right side of my face is way clearer then that left :-k o well i seem to be clearing up only a few active pimples and some that have been around for a month that have finally gotten really small and are almost gone i almost never break out on my t zone (occasionally on the nose and chin) my forehead and nose are the oiliest parts of my face and get the least amount of acne :-k just my inner-upper cheeks on both sides

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I did a closeup like that with my scanner once. Hey man, sooner or later it'll go away for good (for most people anyway. Check your family history on this one. Very comforting it is. i saw an old picture of my dad with zits. It was oddly assuring.) So just pray to the deity of your choice and hang in there...Even if it means never knowing the joys of young love sad.gif ah, fuck the media.

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