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Forehead Acne From Showering?

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Ive been on the Regime for 2 years now. Recently, I started washing my hair with water some days and shampoo the other days on a daily basis. About a week into this I developed pretty severe forehead acne that I have never even come remotely close to experiencing before. The regime seems to do nothing for this acne as it seems to be fully the cause of washing my hair everyday. I dont use any hair products or anything and primarily I just wash my hair with water in the mornings. It goes away if I dont wash my hair for a few days. Anyone ever experienced this?

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Guest Michael Jackson

i got forehead acne about 4 months into the regimen, prolly no relation, just got more acne :(

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It's probably the shampoo. What I do is make sure that I wait to wash my face AFTER I rinse out shampoo and conditioner, that way I'm washing off any residue from the hair products. That works for me.

On another note, I pin my bangs back at night when I sleep so oil from my hair/face doesn't collect on my forehead. That's the only clear part of my face!

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That's the thing though I washed my hair without shampoo for a week and I still breakout. Its almost like my skin gets stripped down from over-showering. I am changing my shower head tomorrow to something less powerful.

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do you have sensitive skin?

do you shower with hot water?

if so, then sensitive skin can become aggrivated if hot water is expose to it, this may be your problem.

i hope all works out for you :)

good luck

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I try to keep shampoo and conditioner away from my face while I shower, since there are ingredients in those products that can cause breakouts. The last thing I do in the shower is to wash my face with my facial cleanser. I might splash my face with a little water while showering before I wash my face, but I don't leave my face in front of the stream of water for a while or anything like that.

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