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my skin was starting to clear up and i was so happy and all of a sudden i got this really bad break out. my skin is really really messed up right now. i feel like shit. i couldn't even sleep well last night because i feel really crappy. i don't know what to do. i also got these two scabs on my face that look hideous, i don't know when they're goign to come off.

i have class tuesday, i can't go to school looking like this :( i can't face anyone looking like this.

sorry guys i just wanted to vent :(

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sorry to hear :( skin has a habit of getting your hopes up and then making you feel like rubbish doesn't it? But if you have a class on tuesday that still leaves 2whole days, skin change change a lot pretty quickly! Maybe just have an early night and keep the scabs well moisturised, it will probably look a whole lot better in the morning. Chin up :angel:

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Yup, I feel your pain. It's almost like your skin is just playing with your emotions sometimes. Whatever you do, don't ever give up. Keep your hope up. The moment you give up is when things will only get worse.

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OH you poor thing. I feel your pain. Everyone on these message boards know how you feel about facing people. This is the place to vent!

I hope you feel better about it by tuesday.


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Thankyou so much for the kind words..you guys are awesome.

well i still feel awful and i really really hope my skin looks better by tuesday or i'll just have to skip classes. there is no way i can face my friends looking like this :(

i wear foundation every single day but even foundation won't cover the breakout i have right now :(

i really hope the scabs come off by then and they don't leave a scar. I will feel a LOT better and will probably not skip if that happens by tuesday...

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